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Monday, August 20, 2012

Todd Akin's Mistake is the Liberal's Opportunity!

Nothing like a handy little distraction to fuel faux liberal outrage. When I watched Congressman Akin's interview I knew what he meant as the article linked at the end of this post discusses. It was a poor choice of words, but he appeared to be talking about a rape that's actually consummated. Obviously if the rapist violates the woman in another way, there is no possibility of pregnancy. And the Congressman is right -- even when the rape is consummated, most victims don't become pregnant. His remarks were NOT an attack on women; and he made a legitimate point when he said we shouldn't punish an innocent child for the father's crime. And what's Todd Akin's crime? He failed to show compassion. That's not the same as not being compassionate, but in the world of virtual reality, perception is everything. And he's being perceived and painted as a monster.

The subsequent pile on by people on both sides of the aisle is pathetic, certainly not surprising from the liberals. It's a godsend for them, especially his opponent, and she is no doubt burning incense to Gaia in thanksgiving. What hypocrites! Consider their love for Planned Parenthood, an organization that enables statutory rape of minors as young as twelve and thirteen and then surgically rapes them by abortion at the request of the rapist. Where is the outrage over Obama and the Democrats ACTIONS supporting Planned Parenthood? Liberal politicians aren't involved in just an unfortunate choice of words. Obama and his allies essentially give the rapists at Planned Parenthood carte blanche! Oh but they are so outraged at Akin. Yeah right. They are high-fiving in the back room!

I am certainly not cavalier about rape and I have no reason to believe Todd Akin is either. He is pro-life and has strong credentials to back it up. My husband and I spent fifteen years offering a shelter home for women in crisis pregnancies. We housed two young rape victims during that time, one the victim of a violent rape and the other a victim of date rape. I used to wake "Sally" up from nightmares where she was reliving the assault. I spent hours consoling her, hugging her, and just listening. Not once did she blame the baby who she lost by miscarriage because of her injuries.

Todd Akin has apologized for his poor choice of words and the way he handled the question. But crucifying him is on everybody's agenda. The Democrats demand it and many Republicans are saying it is better for one man to die for the party. Seeing Ann Coulter waving her long knife really makes me sick! If anyone has diarrhea of the mouth, it's Ann.

If I were the adviser to pro-life politicians I would drum it into their heads that the first thing to do when the red rape flag is waved in your face is show concern and compassion for the woman. "Rape is a horrible crime, a violent assault. It involves a bigger, stronger person violently forcing his will on a weaker person -- sounds a lot like what the abortionist does to the baby doesn't it?"

Then I would point out the need for counseling and assistance. "The aftermath of rape on women is devastating and involves fear, nightmares, depression, and lowered self-esteem. The trauma can lead to drug and alcohol dependence. Pushing a pregnant woman who's been raped into an abortion as though that solves her problem and she can just move on treats rape as though it's insignificant." 

At that point I would point to the similarity between rape and abortion. "An abortion is a lot like rape. Abortion is an act of violence committed by a stronger person, the abortionist, against a weaker, the baby. Most surgical abortions are done in a way that simulates rape. A long cannula penetrates the woman and the baby is torn, scraped, and suctioned from her womb. The psychological aftermath of abortion on women is also similar to the psychological aftermath of rape: lowered self esteem, depression, nightmares, sleep disorders, etc. Rape doesn't solve a woman's problem it exaggerates it and gives her additional ones."

Of course the liberal establishment would then shift the argument (with a male candidate) to his not really having the right to say anything because he's a man and will never be raped and yada yada yada.

The reality is... when you think about the physical similarities to a woman being raped and an abortionist performing a suction abortion, it's easy to see how abortion following rape is a double whammy for an injured, vulnerable woman. Even her body position is like the rape. Friends and family who urge her to abort may believe they have her best interests at heart, but their actions perform the same function as "bleeding" did in earlier ages. It can only make the woman's condition worse and might even kill her.

As for Todd Akin...give the man a break.

Deconstructing Akin’s 'legitimate rape' flap


  1. Agreed. I hear little media flap over Biden's "put you all back in chains" gaffe; and there will probably be another Biden blooper next week to boot.

  2. I, a woman, have not heard the whole story yet on television, but I believe Akin was referring to the fact that some women lie about being raped, so there is "legitamate rape" (woman told the truth) and "non-legitimate rape" (woman lied about it). We all know that Tawana Brawley lied about a white man raping her, and recently a white woman lied about a black man raping her. Both got caught, but only after they caused a great deal of trouble among people. Also, Norma McCorvey, the Roe from Roe vx Wade, was told by the pro-abort community to lie and say she was raped when she was not raped, so abortion would be made legal. Later, when she became pro-life, she finally told the truth that her child, whom she did not abort after all, was from an affair. Thank God she made restitution for having lied by letting everyone know the truth and for not aborting her little child. I suppose some women never do, but there IS a God who knows the truth. Thai also makes it really bad for the women who have really been raped and is an unjustice to them.

  3. Wow. I have been a casual reader of your blog, but am definitely taking you off my list.

  4. NOW is the time for the GOP to stand strong with a pro-lifer who actually wants to keep that plank in the party! They better get behind him like never before and see to it that he wins.

  5. The DEMS invested $1.5M to get Akin on the GOP ballot - let's make it work their while! Go Akin!

  6. No matter what the Republicans do, Akin will be an issue in November. Even if he resigns like all the spineless establishment types are demanding. I hope he hangs tough. He needs a group of pro-life women to step up and defend him like the women did for Clarence Thomas.

  7. I am a woman, and after fully reading your aritcle and others, I realize my post on August 21 at 1:14 PM, was not accurate as to what Akin said, othewise it is very accurate as to what happens sometimes. Nevertheless, we have to face the fact that the chiid in the womba is human no matter how he or she was conceived. Abortion is the killing of an innocent child, and that fact MO ONE can never truthfully deny The cupability of a woman who has been truly raped and aborts a child is certainly lesser than one who is lying about about being raped: nevertheless, it is still the killing of an innocent child and wrong no matter who denies it. We should help the woman bear the child to term, then let her make the choice of adoption or keeping it. That is the truly humane thing to do. All this discussion should make both men and women aware that their behavior, whether criminal or not, has consequences even if they think it does not, and sometimes it is the innocent who suffer. There are women who thought about having an affairs since they husbands had cheated on them, but they thought twice about the consequenes. They asked themselves< "Could I stand to kill a child by abortion if I got pregant?" Their answer was, "No." That has stopped many a woman from having an affair, but as unfair it seems, the woman is eventually rewarded because sooner or later all the stuff we did comes out one way or another.