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Saturday, August 4, 2012

Hey, Businessmen are Greedy Monsters...

so these thieves are just taking what's owed them. Right?

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  1. That's where the rhetoric of 1%/99% goes to ... the sense that if you don't have something it's because those awful people who earned theirs didn't give it to you so go take it.

    We've built this social catastrophe with all the false propaganda in the schools about how accomplished everyone is. The U.S. does horribly in math for example, compared to other countries but they feel good about their ability.

    If we keep indoctrinating our children with ideas that are not true, it should come as no surprise when they act out what they have been taught. Congratulations educators! Maybe we should start teaching duty, responsibility, and virtue and put children to meaningful work so that they know where goods and services come from. What a concept!