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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

More on Helen Gurley Brown: Mentor to Whores

I've probably got a reputation at a few grocery stores as the cranky lady who plunks down copies of Vanity Fair and Cosmopolitan asking, "How would you like your daughter (or sister) to appear like this on a magazine cover? Sometimes I engage in gorilla warfare when I feel like talking to the manager is useless. Cosmopolitan is the most frequent target. I pick up a copy (or 4 or 5) and walk around the store leaving them 1) under the dogfood bags, 2) dropped behind the shelves, 3) behind the toilet paper. I figure it sends a message when they turn up, hopefully after they're out of date.

Helen Gurley Brown spent years teaching women how to be whores and she was very effective at it. Read Henry Makow's article to realize just how effective she was. A sad and pitiful woman who made it big time in the world's eyes - not a good thing from a spiritual point of view. "What does it profit a [wo]man to gain the whole world and lose [her] soul in the process?" I'm praying for her today. She certainly has plenty to answer for!


  1. Years ago we requested that our two local grocery stores (one owned by a Mormon) to please put a cover over the Cosmo magazines. They did...