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Friday, August 17, 2012

You Just Gotta Shake Your Head...

Obama keeps attacking that rich, white guy running for president and demanding his tax returns. Yet Obama, the man who bragged about being open and transparent, won't tell us ANYTHING about anything even info about his student loans. Smacks a little of hypocrisy, eh? Did I say "a little?"

And then there are Obama's allies. You know, the ones who always attack those greedy rich Republicans who mostly made their money in business? Let's take a look at some of these rich, white liberals. And while they're ginning up the class warfare, a little look in the mirror might be in order. If they're going to make Romney run the gauntlet for being rich, next in line should be these rich Democratic hypocrites! (By the way, Barack and Michelle are worth $7 plus million. Nice little stack of change, eh?)

How Harry Reid Got Rich

Nancy Pelosi's Jump in Income & How She Gave PAC Money to Hubby (Oh, it's all legal.)

Bill and Hillary Clinton Got Rich Quick

John Kerry is the richest in Congress - he married money...twice

Mark Warner, a professional politician who made his money using political contacts and insider deals which have since been banned. 

Seven of the top ten richest politicians in Congress are Democrats


  1. And yet all of those people are willing to pay more taxes and continue to offer programs that give the less fortunate an even playing field.

    How it became OK in this country to pay more taxes on EARNED WAGES than on INHERITED OR INVESTED income is beyond belief. I have to pay the AMT, make far less than Romney and pay WAY over 20% on my EARNED income. You are right - you just gotta shake your head.

    Voting for the incumbent for economic sanity and fairness.

  2. And how much is too much to pay in taxes? The top ten percent in this country already pay 71% of the federal income taxes. How much is too much? Or is there no such thing until they take it all? Even God only expects 10% of your income.