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Thursday, August 9, 2012

More on the Al Smith Dinner.... It's enough to make the angels weep!

Here's what my friend Fr. Tom thinks of Obama being invited to the Al Smith dinner by the Archdiocese of New York:
 It is sad to see how Cardinal Dolan has allowed Obama and other pro-active supporters of abortion to be speakers at the Al Smith Dinner. I guess that, in the long run, some Church leaders feel that it is OK for politicians to kill our babies, just so long as they also fill our coffers. With inflation, the value of thirty pieces of silver seems to have gone up to
billions in government matching funds for social justice programs that exclude those designated to be victims of "choice".
God save us!
Fr. Tom
And here's what Mike Voris has to say about it.

The dishonesty of this is absolutely breathtaking. No wonder the bishops in the United States are held in such low esteem when they play games like this. People recognized Jesus as the Messiah because He acted with authority. When will we see that authority reflected in the successors of the Apostles?

Check out the Archdiocese's blog post here.
Sign the petition against Obama speaking here.

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