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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Catholic and Faith-based Front Groups and Liberal Liars

George Soros funds pro-abortion Catholic groups

The "Catholic" and faith-based front groups are as busy as Judas running around behind the scenes to do whatever they can to elect pro-abortion/pro-contraception/pro-homosexual Democrats and make sure the abortion/contraception/gay marriage connection gets a boost in November. They don't want anyone to know where their thirty pieces pieces of silver comes from however. Thanks to Anne Hendershott their lies have been exposed to the world and  "it is getting much harder for progressive hide their tracks now that everyone knows who they really are." Here are a few of the front groups shilling for pro-abortion, pro-homosexual Democrats. Know them, expose them, and fight them!

Catholic front groups for Democrats:
Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good  
Catholics United
Ecumenical front groups for Democrats:
Faith in Public LifeSojourners  
National Council of Churches 

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  1. Brava Madam! What would we do if it weren't for people like you crying out in the wilderness!!! Heavens know we aren't getting the leadership from our priests, much less our bishops. Sometimes I think you and Michal Voris are the only to Catholics left in America. Keep on speaking up we need to hear your intelligent and educated voice!