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Friday, August 24, 2012

If You're Playing House Why Wouldn't You Want a Doll?

Poor babies when this is their future. Children have a right to a mother and father. 

The scenario in the linked article exploits a number of people: the egg donor, the surrogate, and most of all the poor children manufactured in this loveless business. For the baby factories it's all about money. For the gay guys, it's all about playing house and getting your doll object to fulfill the virtual reality scenario of the Ozzie and Harry family. All I can say is, we are becoming more and more a dark dystopian world which shows exactly how ugly things get when so many people decide to do it "my way" instead of God's way. And short of revival, it's going to get uglier. Hold on to your rosaries, folks!

Gay thirty-something wants to be a daddy.

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