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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Who Would You Rather Be at the Judgment - Nellie or Helen?

Two women died on Monday. One is a personal hero of mine, Nellie Gray, founder of the March for Life and untiring warrior for babies in the womb. The other, much more famous and an icon of feminism, was Helen Gurley Brown (hat tip to Dymphna). Brown, former editor of Cosmopolitan (one of the most offensive magazines on the checkout rack), wrote Sex and the Single Girl in 1962. An architect of the sexual revolution, she helped "liberate" young women from their morals and urged them to be as sexually promiscuous as men and equally cavalier about murdering their unplanned offspring. Here are the spiritual daughters of Nellie and Helen.



Questions for the day: Who would you have rather been on Monday, Nellie or Helen? What do you think Jesus said to the two women at the personal judgment?

Please pray for both of these women. I have no doubt that Nellie spent her entire life interceding for the champions of death. Perhaps her intercession brought Helen to final repentance. Father, forgive the cheerleaders of murder and immorality, they know not what they do!

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  1. I can only think about the fate of the Whore of Babylon that St. John wrote about in the Book of Revelation as far Hurley is concerned, unless somehow she repented in the last hours of her life, which is doubtful since most likely she was hardened in sin. Now Nellie is a totally different story, "Then shall the king say to them who shall be on his right hand: come ye blessed of my Father, possess you the kingdom prepared for you from the foundation of the world." One got her "rewards" in life by caring for no one but herself, while the other clothed the naked, gave food to the hungry and so forth to the lest of us all, the children. I think Hurley is going to regret hating the children because our Lord loved them most.