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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

It's Common Sense: Ten Reasons Why Homosexuals Can't Marry

Did you ever work on a plumbing problem using male and female couplers? If you tried to fix it using two male or two female parts you'd be frustrated, not to mention illustrate what an ignoramus you are about plumbing. It's the same with homosexual "marriage." One of the main reason you can't have same sex "marriage" is the parts don't fit together and, even if you manage to jam two non-fitting parts together, they won't achieve the purpose for which they were made.

And here are ten reasons to oppose homosexual "marriage."


  1. Love this Mary ... I mean the plumbing analogy. Gets right down to the seminal issue. Can't get more fundamental than that.

    But the society has degraded to the point that the only relevant issue is what I want ... everything is about the individual's right to go straight to hell.

    They don't see it as an act of love to stand in their way.

  2. In the 1960s when I worked for F.W Woolworth, those plumbing parts were actually called "male and female". We would ask the customer which part they needed, the male or female or both. I wonder what they call them now since plumbing parts still works the same way as they always did, whether metal parts or human parts. Isn't it just wonderful when some people are so mentally unbalanced that they insist a giraffe is a bear or blue is white and expect you to agree with them? Mind boggling if you ask me.

  3. I was not talking, of course, about those who are born with actual birth defects that they have the right to correct by surgery when they are old enough to do so. That is very rare, though, and most of this gender bending is done deliberately by people with normal "plumbing".