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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Should Babies Be Executed for their Fathers' Crimes?

Rape is a horrible crime that has two victims when the mother becomes pregnant. It is tragic that Gloria Allred was raped and perhaps in the emotion of the time, she is less culpable for killing her baby. But she was still wrong. And her comment about mandatory motherhood is ridiculous. No woman is forced to be a "mandatory mother." A rape victim can choose to let another woman mother her child if raising the little one is too painful or difficult. But no child deserves the death penalty for the crime of the father.

Piers Morgan was raised Catholic. It is sad to see both him and Allred be such bullies. That's what a person is who picks on someone weak and helpless. But we're not just talking about picking on somebody with name-calling. We're talking about ripping babies apart limb from limb. That's not a choice anyone should ever make for anyone else!

Rebecca is absolutely correct. No other right matters if a person is refused the right to life. Gloria Allred chose capital punishment for her baby. Rebecca was protected by the law as every baby should be. Every baby should be protected. "A person's a person no matter how small."

Thank you, Lord, for mother's who don't respond to the violence of rape by committing the violence of abortion. Please convert the hearts of Gloria Allred and Piers Morgan.


  1. They interrupt Rebecca and abstract her as a non-person just as surely as her mother tried to do when she attempted to kill her by abortion. Get out your stopwatch and clock the descrepancy. Mass Media is stacked against Conservatives. The Liberal guest and moderator trip over themselves like spoiled adolescents in demonstration of the selfish rudeness which underlies the advocacy for abortion. My question is why are conservatives still watching when it clearly is biased propaganda that poses as intellectual intercourse?

  2. The pro-aborts are not rational. Pretending that they are is part of the problem. They are mantra driven by the jinns that have disabled the rational dimension of their souls. They just repeat the mantras.

    You cannot reason with a mantra driven person. Their "truth" is all that matters. C.S. Lewis called pain, God's megaphone. These people will likely persist in their mantra driven world until the pain of suffering and imminent death at least makes them question the mantras.

    By then of course it will likely be too late, but grace is powerful.

  3. Another thing that was not mentioned here is that quite often a woman will lie about being raped to obtain an abortion. Norma Mc Corvey, the Jane Roe in Roe vs Wade, admitted that the pro-abortion lobby put her up to lying about having been raped. She was not raped and ended up having her child, a daughter I believe, after all. The whole case was built upon lies. Quite often too it is a husband or a family that will not back up a raped woman going through the pregnancy.