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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Media Obsess Over Akin's Verbal Gaffe...

But laugh over Biden's gaffe a week. 

The Media Research Center takes a look at the media coverage:
If Ronald Reagan was the “Teflon President,” then Joe Biden is the “Teflon Blowhard.” He’s spent his entire career with his foot firmly lodged in his mouth, uttering an endless stream of impossibly stupid, vulgar, and insensitive things. And yet the media fall all over themselves to make excuses for blustery “Old Uncle Joe.” If Akin’s gaffe should result in him dropping out, then Biden should drop out every week. 
The liberal media will do anything (except report on Biden’s unrelenting stupidity) to avoid Telling the Truth about Barack Obama’s horrendous economic record. This has been the liberal media’s playbook throughout the campaign If it hurts Barack Obama’s chances of re-election, ignore it. If it hurts his Republican rivals, give it four times the coverage.
When you are so charismatic, who needs to talk about your record. Hey, it worked for Bill.

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