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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Is Nancy Pelosi Channeling the Dead?

One of these events occurred at my alma mater (and Nancy's) Trinity Washington University which grieves me very much. But read more here. This woman has turned her back on the Catholic Church while she pretends to be, and actually calls herself, a "devout Catholic." I'd believe her if she called herself a devout democrat or a devout feminist or a devout pro-abort, but she sure ain't a devout Catholic. She gets away with it because the mainstream media panders to Catholic heretic politicians. To bad the media aren't in charge at the pearly gates.


  1. I am so glad that they aren't in charge at the gates. Thank Heaven!

  2. This woman is lying or she is surrounded by demons as Susan B. Anthony and one of the other "feminists" she mentioned hated abortion. Susan B. Anthony thought abortion was an abuse of women and children, and that is one of the reasons why she wanted the vote for women -- to protect, not destroy, women and children. This poor women, Pelosi, is a basket case and does not even make any sense at times, and the big problem is that she is doing much damaged to the country in pitting men and women against each other and destroying our children and respect for life. The first right according to the Founding Fathers is "life". Without LIFE we have nothing, and if we are not willing to sacrifice for the life of our children at times, we do not deserve life ourselves. She had five girls, and I do not understand her thinking at all, and I am a woman. Plus she is one of the richest women in the United States and has everything she could want and came from a well-to-do family. It must be just greed, greed, greed on her part. I do not know or understand her at all. For one thing, she is a "control freak".

  3. I think that the fact that an Italian-American young woman bled to death on her floor from an illegal abortion when Pelosi was younger pushed her over the edge. I think that woman's abortion was self inflicted. What Pelosi does not seem to realize or just denies is that abortion, even legal ones, are very danagerous for women and are contributing to the epedemic of breast cancer in younger women, right along with the birthcontrol pill. It also kills a child, which is undeniable if when has actually ever seen a fetus or seen a sonogram. She should use all her riches to really help women and their children, not destory them and pit the sexes against each other. Natural Family Planning methods are very succesful now, too, for those who have to space their childre for good reasons or avoid pregnancy. It is greener (more organic) and safer for the women's body, too.