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Friday, August 10, 2012

Congratulations to DeSales University

They stick by their Catholic identity!

Faithful Catholic College Responds to LGBT Petition

They just said, "No." Why should a Catholic school allow a group that promotes a  lifestyle the Church believes is sinful? It's like demanding a smoking and drinking club at a Baptist school. People can smoke and drink off campus. And who is preventing LGBT students from getting together and talking about whatever. If they want their school to sanction their behavior they have the choice to go elsewhere. You can treat someone with respect as a child of God without approving their agenda. The "gay" message that anyone who disagrees with them is hateful is, in fact, hateful and slanderous. Send DeSales a big thank you for sticking by their Catholic identity! If you want to send an email click on the "contact us" link in the header.

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