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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Taking a Break from Cardinal Dolan: From the Serious to the Ridiculous

Not apropos anything, - Is Bill Clinton morphing into W.C. Fields? 

Just thought it was interesting.  They share the same medical problem, rosacea,which can lead to the bulbous nose. 


  1. I CAN'T TAKE A BREAK FROM CARDINAL DOLAN, MY OWN ARCHBISHOP!I think the following two videos are very revealing of Cardinal Dolan's mindset. Respectfully submitted, min-bee

    (1) Talk on Dorothy Day's cause for canonization in 2011, cited and posted on America magazine website:

    go to to view how seriously and respectfully now-Cardinal Dolan treats the subject and his audience in Greenwich Village's St. Joseph's Church.

    (2) Then go to youtube where EWTN has posted Fr. Benedict Groeschel's interview with now Cardinal Dolan about the HHS mandate and marriage at

    where Dolan is a joker and then veers off from marriage to the other important "life issue" of immigration. (As my d-i-l says, "I didn't know people dropped dead if they couldn't cross the border."!)

  2. I made a mistake in my first comment. The EWTN interview I meant to include was on SAME SEX MARRIAGE and is at

    Sorry for the error.