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Sunday, March 20, 2016

A Lesson on Palm Sunday: How Can a Small Minority of Gay Activists Destroy Our Culture?

Check out the battle in Franklin, TN. They're organized, well funded, and don't mind using terror tactics to annihilate their opposition. It's all been outlined before in After the Ball. They're relentless and, let's face it, they're evil. They do the work of the father of lies.

Tennessee county school board meets -- but backs off on removing “gay” club from high school. LGBT activists celebrating. Local parents are livid and fighting back.

These groups are out to destroy Christianity. As Brian Camenker of Mass Resistance recently reported,  "state and national LGBT activists have targeted Franklin County, TN, because of the religious nature of that area....A seasoned homosexual activist from Alabama described how he’s been organizing the push in Franklin County. He said they have 'more plans for Franklin County' and that they’re preparing to force 'gay' clubs into all the neighboring counties next." 

It's no coincidence that Christian bakers, wedding photographers, florists, etc. are consistently sued to provide services for sodomy. Any opposition will be crushed! They will portray any parents who oppose them as homophobic hate-mongers who would have lynched blacks during the Civil Rights movement and want to kill homosexuals. It's a slander but in a dumbed-down sex-saturated culture many buy the lie.

Anyone who attended Palm Sunday Mass today and listened to the reading of the Passion narrative know how an evil network attains its goal. You lie, hire false witnesses, hold your hearings in secret, bribe the betrayers, manipulate the mob, It's all about crucifying the Christians on the cross of political correctness. Unless we have courageous apostles willing to allow themselves to be nailed and crowned with thorns, the evil "LGBTQ" agenda will succeed -- at least for a time. Only be accepting martyrdom, even bloody martyrdom, can we plant the seeds of revival.

In an interview with Life Site News, Bishop Bruskewitz recently called the homosexual onslaught "very devastating." He described as astonishing the infiltration into society by a small minority of a "perversion that is repulsive to the normal human being." He called the link to human rights "preposterous." Bruskewitz believes that "there's going to be every effort made to destroy everything Christian that would in the least oppose this kind of degeneration." As an example he mentioned that military chaplains are fearful of what will happen if two Catholic lesbians come demanding marriage. He called it "quite possible" that a chaplain who refused could be court-martialed and sentenced to 40-50 years in Leavenworth. The bishop expects serious persecution in the near future. When asked what the laity need to do, he said, "Be brave and strong."

How do we become brave and strong? Pray and practice courage in the small challenges. Are your adult children rebelling and making bad choices? Pray and think of a loving way to speak to them. Let's not shrink from public witness to our faith? If someone uses Jesus' name in vain in your presence, would you be too embarrassed to make the sign of the cross? Let us show Jesus we are not ashamed to reflect our love for Him every chance we get, from saying grace in restaurants to praying the rosary in public. If we practice in the small things, when the big challenges come we'll be ready for them. St. Joan of Arc, St. Barbara, and St. Thomas More intercede for us that we might be brave, faithful, and true no matter what persecution comes our way.


  1. If it isn't the sodomites in Franklin, it's the Muslims in Murfreesboro. Why don't the sodomites go 25 miles over to Murfreesboro to infest their evil into the schools there where Muslims send their children?

    The answer is that they know they would lose (why fight a losing battle) because not only would Islamists now allow it, but the entire MSM would be up in arms at how dare people try to inflict their views on Muslims!

    We don't matter. Normal people with normal families trying to live good normal lives no longer matter. What matters is the hatred of Judeo-Christian values therefore that culture and we must be eradicated.

  2. When alleged "catholic' politicians like opus dei member Paul Ryan are courting homosexual activists like Paul Singer, who gave millions to support the legalization of homosexual marriage and who identifies himself as a "conservative" while donating to the opus dei Witherspoon Institute, why should we expect normal families to matter in our country?

    These are Republican "conservatives"?

    Paul Singer
    "Singer led a group of major Republican donors to form the American Opportunity Alliance, a group that brings together wealthy Republican donors who share Singer’s support for gay rights"
    Laura Ricketts
    " Ricketts' ownership stake in the Cubs is uniquely noteworthy because it makes her the first openly gay owner of a major-league sports franchise."

  3. Sad ain't it? No wonder people go nuts and start shooting. If you aren't well grounded in the one true God, it's easy to follow false ones. Those of us blessed with the fullness of the truth in the Catholic Church need to do a better job of evangelizing!

  4. Apropos of nothing. Franklin is the site of one of the more terrible and apocalyptic civil war battles. Strife, grief and heartache seem to find homes in places like this... So says one who has great admiration for both sides (Union and Confederate) valor and courage.

  5. I live about one hour north of Franklin and I have heard nothing about this in our local news. It is all very frightening and I see now what will be coming soon to the school district my children go to. Already several teachers (on their own accord) have been pushing democrat/leftist politics in several of my son's classes. Just from my experience in the city I live in I would guess these activist have strong support from the teachers.

  6. Paul Singer and his pro gay activist money is being spread around !