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Sunday, March 13, 2016

More and More the Tactics of the Left Reveal their Links to Communism

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The violence in Chicago over Trump's appearance bears all the hallmarks of Communist tactics.

Chicago Trump Rally Cancelled Due to Protests

Those of us with long memories recall the violence in Chicago at the Democrats' 1968 National Convention fomented by the "Yippies" who, while claiming to have no leader, were really headed by a handful of radicals including self described anarcho-communist Abbie Hoffman. The Yippies' party flag clearly associated them with the broader Communist movement. Hoffman continued his radicalism after Chicago and was arrested in 1986 with Amy Carter at the University of Massachusetts Amherst protesting CIA recruiting on campus. Between Chicago and Amherst, Hoffman spent a number of years running from the law and living underground.

Yippies' flag

Abbie Hoffman killed himself at the age of 52 with an overdose of barbituates and alcohol. His entire life was spent in radical activism and drug abuse. He admitted that he was having a bad trip on LSD when he attempted to interrupt a concert at the notorious Woodstock rock fest in 1969.

 Unlike Communists Bella Dodd and Whittaker Chambers who realized the emptiness of the Marxist philosophy and turned to Christianity (Dodd entering the Catholic Church and Chambers embracing the Quaker faith), Hoffman appeared to be lost when the conservative backlash occurred and his brand of radicalism declined. He would no doubt be delighted with the situation in the United States today where division is often marked with vitriol and violence. But what a tragedy for him that he never saw the light of Christ and left the squalid pigsty to return to the Father.  (Ironically, he actually ended his life in an apartment converted from an old turkey coop.) Pray that he repented in those final moments before he lost consciousness.

We have yet to see how all this will impact the Republican Convention. All I can say is, "Keep praying and don't forget to do penance for our poor confused and divided nation."

Let me close with a quote from Whittaker Chambers. If you haven't read his book, Witness, I highly recommend it. Here's what he told the U.S.House Un-American Activities Committee on August 3, 1948:
I know that I am leaving the winning side for the losing side, but it is better to die on the losing side than to live under Communism.
Let us pray this great convert to Catholicism was not a prophet despite the evidence we see around us that Gramsci's brand of Communism has succeeded here through men like Saul Alinsky and Barack Obama. Our Lady, Queen of the Nations, pray for us.



  2. Thanks Missy, I hope our paths cross sometime soon. There is a special heavenly club, I think, of those who love unborn babies and their moms. Thanks for all you do to support them.

  3. "President Barack Obama, speaking at a Democratic fundraiser in Dallas, said those who aspire to lead the country "should be trying to bring us together and not turning us against one another," and he urged leaders to "speak out against violence." And, ""If they refuse to do that, they don't deserve our support," he said."

    President Obama is the instigator who has begun the makings of a civil war all over again. He is the labeler of bigots, racists, homophobe...and has provided the sharp knives that are divisive as well as not even able to control his home base of Chicago!

    Do I support Donald Trump? Not yet. I stand by Ted Cruz for his stance in the Senate against McConnell and the likes.

    Will I vote for Donald Trump if he is the Republican nominee? Absolutely! The liberal democrats must be defeated in all areas of government for 8 years to undo so much damage and get the ship heading for all U.S. citizens in the direction our constitution presented...under God.

  4. Thanks Mariann, I'm not sure what I will do if Trump is the candidate. The cynic in me still wonders if his candidacy is a false flag to kill the Republican party and get the Democrats in for another four-eight years.

  5. The Chicago violence from a few days ago is definitely a Communistic tactic orchestrated by leftist radicals. Remember that the infamous Call to Action was founded in Chicago by Dan Daly and Bob Heineman.

    Once several years ago when there was a protest in Chicago I searched Bob deep on the Net and found an email written by him (article quoting him?) where he said that he began that particular riot by going on a street corner in his Skokie neighborhood and yelling slogans, etc. Quickly a crowd formed. When the riot spread to greater Chicago he had done his dirty work and went home and watched his creation on TV.

  6. I have read all of Whittaker Chambers' books and found them very powerful.

    This is definitely one your best ever articles - and we thank you.

  7. Maryann, I beg to differ with you about the destruction of the Republican Party.They have been on the path of self destruct for quite a long time, not unlike what many Bishops have been doing to our Faith.
    pro LGBT liberal Congressman Luis Gutierrez .Gutierrez supported Ryan as Speaker .

    "Paul Ryan's Open Border Push With Luis Gutierrez Exposed"
    Here the proof that the phony Ryan GOP "conservative" elitist friend Chicago Congressman Guttierez , a rabid pro LGBT Liberal , had a substantial role in it !!!
    "As a member of the city council, Gutiérrez was a key backer of the 1986 gay rights ordinance"

  8. Thanks Adrienne, I really appreciate that.

  9. I'm a little puzzled, Anonymous 3:06. How do we disagree? I think the Republican establishment has decimated the party and have said that many times. John Boehner was a disaster and when he was replaced by Paul Ryan I sighed and said, "Well, more of same." Trump may just be the final nail in the coffin. Although, on the other hand, maybe a principled party will arise in the aftermath. Frankly, I don't hold out much hope for that.

  10. I agree with anon 3.06. Republicans are actually one and the same with the Democrats. Therefore they are one party. Therefore a SECOND party needs to be created. Hopefully it will reflect the values we need. I nominate Alan Keyes as the first nominee.

    Also, though I love 99 percent of your posts, I think you're off on Reagan. In addition to all that's been said, look what he allowed in the Education arena on his watch. Talk about complicity with Communism - "Reagan Administration Allowed Soviet Takeover of Education" google it!

  11. I agree about having one party -- It's called the establishment.

    Re Reagan -- I think you can like something about a person (Reagan was a great communicator, had a good sense of humor, and treated his adversaries with courtesy) without agreeing with everything he did. Reagan also grew government after saying he would eliminate the department of education. He was a mixed bag -- like most of us, I might add.

  12. Via E-mail:

    Just finished reading your excellent and timely post on Chambers. What a great man and what foresight he had. I read Witness a couple of years ago and wanted to point something out. When Chambers the atheist converted, he became a Quaker. Unfortunately, unlike Bella Dodd, he never became Catholic.

    May our merciful Lord grant him eternal rest for all he did to save our country from the communist infestation. From the 1930s, Chambers exposed the treasonous infiltrators of the State Department. However, even today that department continues to be their stronghold.

    God bless,
    J. E.

  13. Ah...must have been wishful thinking. I made the correction.