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Thursday, March 10, 2016

Hillary's America: Will This Be a Game Changer?

The movie is scheduled to be released in July, the same month as the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia (July 25 - 28). It will be interesting to see if there are any fireworks, but I expect Hillary and gang will try to ignore it. The question is -- will the public ignore it. D'Souza went to jail for a campaign contribution that was the equivalent of a grain of rice compared to the illegal campaign contributions flooding the campaign chests of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. But somehow these crooks always manage to stay one step away from the smoking gun and let underlings take the rap!

I look forward to seeing the movie. D'Souza's documentary on Obama was fascinating. I expect this film to be the same.


  1. Fascinating but he Also needs to do one on their twin brother the republicans.

  2. Indeed Anonymous! The more that comes out the more one realizes that we actually only have on Party with two heads. God help us!