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Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Battle of the Bathrooms for Transgender Use

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo
announcing that there is no danger
The danger is self evident!

"If I’m a wolf but I identify as a chicken, I want to live in the hen house. If I’m a stallion but I self-identify as a filly, I want to pasture with mares. If I’m a biological man but I live as a transgender woman I want to use women’s bathrooms."

The transgender agenda is rising faster than the speed of light – certainly faster than it took the homosexual agenda to become mainline.

Governors and states, left and right, Democrats and Republicans, homosexuals and heterosexuals are all jumping into the fray, the latest being the Battle of the Bathrooms.

North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory (R) blocked the city of Charlotte — and any other local government — from allowing transgender people to use bathrooms that match the gender they identify with. Read here and see video

Now New York Governor Andrew Cuomo (D) banned New York state travel expenses to North Carolina. Read here “The ban, which took effect upon the signing of the order Monday, requires all New York state agencies, departments, boards and commissions to review any requests for state-funded travel to North Carolina. Any such travel that is not essential to the enforcement of New York state law or public health and safety will not be allowed.

Go Here and vote NO!! and post comments to Facebook and Twitter.

Here is a link to send a message of congratulations to North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory for “listening to the 70% of North Carolinians who agree that grown men should not be allowed in the bathrooms and showers of little girls.”


  1. Great post, Susan. The transgender agenda should make normal Americans finally realize we're all attending the Mad Hatters X-rated tea party. It's time to stand up and say, "You're all nuts!" Some people are still drinking the tea. Hopefully, they'll come to recognize it's poisoned Kool-Ade.

  2. I've headed to a few in a Boston publication and the other from NY, I believe. Anyway, here was my "comment":
    Sorry, not to steal your own words, but talk about a War on Womankind. We are only made one of 2 ways, man or woman, male or female, and I want my own (scientifically speaking XX) in our bathroom, thank you very much. I love Boston, but won't head there, NYC, nor San Fran if they continue bullying women who have a right to our own bathroom...No Men/males Allowed...please use your own urinals.
    Happy Easter Mary Ann to you and your family!

  3. Thank you, Mariann, and a happy Easter to you as well. I love the internet because it let's those of us who still have a shred of sanity connect with each other. I look forward to the day Jesus Christ brings us all together to "meet merrily in heaven" as St.Thomas More said.

  4. “If you call a sheep’s tail a leg, how many legs does a sheep have?” Several gave no answer at all, others said five. After they had finished, with a wry smile, Lincoln answered his own question. “Four,” he said. “Calling a sheep’s tail a leg doesn’t make it one.”

    While he wasn't speaking about transgenderism (!), former President Lincoln was well known for his common sense and ability to speak in parables. Somewhat like Someone else we know... :)