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Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Witnesses in the Dock: Testimony from Muslims Themselves

In a survey of Muslims taken last summer, 51% of those polled said Muslims should have a choice of being ruled by Shariah Law vs. American courts. Twenty percent responded that violence was justified to make Shariah the law of the land in this country. Another 25% support violence against those who give offense to Islam, for example, by portraying Mohammed in what they consider a disrespectful way.

"Oh, but that's mostly a minority of Muslims," you say.

For now. But consider these facts:

  • The population of Muslims in America is growing rapidly. By mid century, Islam is likely to be the majority religion in the United States.
  • Only 20% of Americans in the 18th century supported separation from England. That minority population conducted a war of revolution that won our independence. Do you really think with a Muslim majority, the rights you have today will be respected?
  • They are subservient to men.
  • Men may have up to four wives.
  • Husbands may beat their disobedient wives, although they should not hit them in the face or break their bones. 
  • Islamic men may keep female sex slaves as well, but may not have relations with them if they are pregnant.
  • Women who are raped need to have four Muslim men as witnesses.
  • Women may not drive.
  • Modesty laws, though interpreted in various ways, mandate coverage that most women in America violate daily.
In view of this, why do liberals support Islam? Because they hate Christianity. And since Islam is at war against Jews and Christians they can use Islam to destroy the Judeo-Christian culture on which the U.S. was founded. Remember the adage, "The enemy of my enemy is my friend." They think they can control the monster once they achieve a Christ-free country. They're dreaming, of course. Among the first to feel the scimitar of Islam at their necks will be the feminists and the homosexuals.


  1. Islam is no different than Christianity. Neither should have a say in politics, legislature, or court of law. Both are equally ridiculous. Most liberals would agree.

  2. I think you are probably right that most liberals would agree with your silly statement. The liberals I know don't think very clearly as you illustrate.

    What exactly do you think laws are based on? Against murder, for example? Or theft? or lying, i.e., perjury? Ever hear of the ten commandments?

    Laws are based on moral values and religion is all about moral values.

    As for Christianity being the same as Islam, you can only say that if you are ignorant about both Islam and Christianity. Christianity says "Thou shalt not murder." Islam says, "Kill the infidel."

    Ghandi once said that those who say politics has nothing to do with religion don't understand either politics or religion. You appear to be in that group.

  3. From California,

    Under our laws, mostly from Judeo-Christian principles, a person who steals a lot has to make restitution or go to jail or prison for a certain length of time. In Saudi Arabia and other Muslim countries, ones right hand is cut off for the first serious offense, then the left foot for the next serious offense, which makes it nearly impossible for the person to pay back what is owed or earn a living. Women are stoned to death for adultery, even if a man might have done most of the seducing. I wonder how Anonymous above thinks our laws are comparable to Shariah. Maybe he/she should go live there. Good riddance.

  4. 20% say violence is justified? That is, 20% would admit (albeit anonymously) that violence is justified. How many more think it but won't say it? Even 20% at a conservatively estimated US Muslim population of 6 million (2% of 300 million = 6 million) would still mean 1.2 million (over a million!!) ADMIT it is justified. There's your million man army.