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Saturday, March 26, 2016

Obama as Nebuchadnezzar! The Little Sisters Must Bow to the Sex God!

The question is, will the Supreme Court be the enforcer of Obama's immoral demand? It's clear that Obama's purpose is to force Christians to violate their consciences. As the article below indicates, there were many ways to achieve the government's purpose without forcing people of conscience to cooperate with evil. But that's exactly the point. All must throw their pinch of incense into the bowl to honor the sex god!

BREAKING: Supreme Court Hears Challenge to HHS Mandate in Case of Nuns, Christian Universities

From the article:
“The government has many other ways to make sure women are able to obtain these drugs, but it has chosen the unlawful and unnecessary path of forcing people of faith to participate in acts that violate their deepest convictions,” said Greg Baylor in a statement after the arguments. “Thousands of businesses and organizations, like Pepsi and Exxon, are already exempt from the administration’s abortion-pill mandate for reasons that have nothing to do with religion, yet the government is forcing them to comply with an unjust edict that tears at the very heart of who they are. We hope the justices will agree that this injustice shouldn’t stand.”
If the court is deadlocked, as appears to be the case, the statute will stand until the vacancy created by the death of Antonin Scalia is filled. The next court appointee will likely determine whether the nuns are thrown into the fiery furnace of lust or can continue their service to the poor. This is just one of the issues at stake in the upcoming election.

Our diocese just finished a novena for this case, but we all must continue to pray that a Daniel comes to judgment on the Supreme Court. Let us pray and do penance for that intention. We need the Little Sisters and their powerful witness to the value of the elderly and the incapacitated, i.e., the "useless eaters" in the eyes of the world.

My mom used to volunteer at the Little Sisters facility on Maiden Choice Ln. in Baltimore. I went with her occasionally. How edifying to see the gentle compassion of the sisters there and the love of all the staff and volunteers for their residents.

Our Lady, Help of the Sick, you know how desperately we need a righteous and just judge on the Supreme Court. Please intercede with your Son for a man to be raised to the court who resembles Daniel, the righteous prophet, and your spouse St. Joseph, the just man. May God have mercy on us in our need! Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, pray for us.

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