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Monday, March 28, 2016

Did ISIS Kill Fr. Tom on Good Friday?

Update 3/28 Fr. Tom's order and a local bishop believe he's still alive. Keep praying!

ISIS carries out Good Friday crucifixion

Apparently Arabic TV is reporting it, but there hasn't been any confirmation. Confirmation or not, no atrocity is out of bounds for these modern barbarians. Keep in mind, however, that what ISIS does is exactly what the Koran calls for, i.e., to kill the infidel. These are not fanatics, they are Islamic purists. Islam is a belief system based on the principle that Allah calls on every faithful Muslim to work to establish the universal caliphate using whatever means necessary.


  1. I found this article on "National Catholic Register" earlier today:

  2. I had a hairdresser for awhile who was from Iran. She was really an Armenian Christian whose family had fled to Iran to escape the persecution from the Muslims. She was very upset when our government, under President Carter, overthrew the Shah of Iran as the shah had been very good to Christians. I assume that is why she and her family ended up over here in the United States. Now history seems to be repeating itself under this administration.

    May the Good Lord wake up this country before it is too late.