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Saturday, March 19, 2016

Politically Incorrect Joke-Telling to Liberals 101

I said it first, so it's OK for you to say it.

Lesson #1: Bill Maher said it first

I’m going to tell a joke heard on a 2009 Real Time by the very anti-Catholic, and also as of late, anti-Islam Bill Maher. Two weeks ago I told this joke to a few far left liberals and when I first said, “I’m going to tell you a joke about Islam,” they, frowning with contempt, edged away saying, “No-o-o-o. Don’t do that.”

Nevertheless fearlessly I forged ahead saying:

“Have you heard about the new Islamic fashion designer for the 2016 Fall Fashion Burqa Show? His name is Muslim Dior.  …He used to be Christian Dior but then he converted.”

They were stunned into silence because the joke is truly funny but they didn’t want to laugh, thinking by doing so they would betray their politically correct dogmatic party line. Then I said, “I saw this on a video where Bill Maher said this joke. He’s very anti-Catholic as you well know, but now is also anti-Islam.”

THEN one liberal said to the other, “Oh, Bill Maher said this!” and they all laughed saying that it was actually a funny joke. Knowing that Maher is anti-Catholic helped ease their pain so they could laugh in good conscience.

But you see, if I had thought this joke up by my politically incorrect self it would have been a horrifying breach of PC code of behavior punishable by scowls and sulking directed my way. But the fact that Bill Maher said it first, and on his TV show, was suddenly acceptable PC protocol. It was okay! I could tell the politically incorrect joke and remain in their good graces. Since Maher is anti-Catholic anything he says is good to repeat, even if it goes against Islam.

Actually this is an incredibly funny video from 2009.