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Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Yikes! Is Crux Partnering with the Knights of Columbus Good News or Bad News?

Are these Knights running toward the battle
 or just running?
Crux hasn't exactly been a paragon of Catholic orthodoxy since it premiered eighteen months ago under Boston Globe sponsorship. So, needless to say, I was a little taken aback to see the Knights of Columbus were going to partner with the media site and keep it in business. According to the Boston Business Journal:
The Catholic Pulse [the K of C's news site] article announcing the partnership said that “[t]he Knights will respect the editorial freedom of Crux, trusting it to present news and commentary in a way that serves the good of the Church.” Allen said he is hopeful the switch from a secular publisher to a Catholic organization will not threaten the site’s editorial independence. “That is very much part of our deal,” he said. “As with anything else, we’re going to have to see how it works out.”
Well, at least Margery Eagan isn't coming. She may be an Irish Catholic by birth, but her articles reflected cafeteria Catholicism at best. She fit right in with the Crux left slant. Will that slant continue at the K of C news site?

The Knights already have problems considering their pampering of pro-abort Catholic politicians who happen to be members -- like the Knights in Massachusetts who gave the state same-sex marriage. Ironically, the Knights will toss out a member who doesn't pay his dues, but won't touch a pro-abort pol who's a public scandal in violation of the Knights' own requirement to be a faithful, practicing Catholic. Somehow, if you are a member of the elite club of heretical and scandalous Catholic politicians you get a pass. Could it be the fact the hierarchy of the Knights loves hobnobbing with the rich and powerful?

Somehow, I don't think joining with Crux is a move that will encourage faithful Catholics that the Knights are reforming. If anything, it invites us to watch how much more the group leans to the left as a result. My husband is a Knight, a past Grand Knight in fact, and his little council continues to try to impact the policies at the state and national level. No luck so far. Most of the poobahs at State will do anything to suppress resolutions that urge National to discipline bad Knights. Frankly, as a pro-life rescuer whose spent time in jail for defending the littlest of God's little ones it makes me sick. I watch the politicking from a distance and feel like I'm on Capitol Hill. The Knights should be better than that. But there's a lot of money to made at the upper levels and money, like power, can corrupt.

Please pray that faithful grassroots Knights can move their leaders to act like the warriors whose name they bear instead of like weak cowards who run from the field rather than stand up to the foe.


  1. "Allen said he is hopeful the switch from a secular publisher to a Catholic organization will not threaten the site’s *editorial independence*." ?!?

    What, one may ask, is "editorial independence"?

    Is this code speak for some kind of "legitimate dissent" from proper Catholic authority (i.e. the local Ordinary) in a similar vein of modern day Catholic academia? (Georgetown, Boston College, [insert any Jesuit university], Notre Dame, etc.)

    Is this some kind of "justification" to dissent from what the Church teaches on the issues of faith and morals in order to garner readership?

    I cannot think of anything good coming out of this... um, partnership.

    Seems to me it's 1968 all over again isn't it, Mary Ann?

    Catechist Kev

  2. I'm just so disappointed in the KoC leadership.

  3. Sounds like the Land 'O Lakes agreement.