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Thursday, March 31, 2016

"Tis time, descend, be stone no more." Support these Students in their Quest to Promote Shakespeare!

My undergraduate degree is in English. In fact, I loved English literature so much I took every elective in English and had the credits for a double English. The Shakespeare professor, Nancy Brown, was exceptional and my two favorite courses were her Shakespeare I and II. So when my niece sent me an email seeking help funding their performance of The Winter's Tale (and its professional filming) at Ave Maria, I of course responded. What Ave Maria is doing is exactly the kind of Shakespeare performance done by Blackfriars Playhouse in Staunton, VA.
Some audience members actually sit on the stage and become part of the action as the audience does in the video below. Enjoy the video and I hope you will visit the students' Go Fund Me page and give a donation. These young people are the leaders of the future. Instead of whining about their hurt feelings like the babies at Emory, they are preparing for life by studying one of the most astute judges of character in history. More and more research and writing is coming out about Shakespeare being a Catholic (his father was known recusant) who used coded language in his plays to encourage underground Catholics to persevere in the faith. Please support these young people with even a small donation! I have no doubt that God will reward you. Oh...and the beautiful young woman pictured on the Go Fund Me page? That's my lovely niece Paula!

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