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Sunday, March 13, 2016

The Coming Universal Caliphate

Image result for gisele littmanEurope, Globalization and the Coming of the Universal Caliphate by Giselle Littman whose pen name is Bat Ye'or  meaning Daughter of the Nile (of Jewish descent, she was born in Cairo but her family fled from Islamic persecution to Britain in 1957) is prerequisite reading for anyone wanting to understand the current migration of hundreds of thousands of Muslims (most of them young unmarried males) to Europe thereby causing the loss of Christian culture.

Below is a link to Richard Rubenstein's book review which is so in depth that one hardly need not order the actual book. 

Do we wonder why Obama is so overtly pro-Islam? The answer is in this book. Do we wonder why Islam is taught in our schools? In the book.  Sharia Law in now in Great Britain and parts of Europe. Why has this happened? Read the book, although the book review below gives a good understanding of the powers that be. We know that Bat Ye'or is a great source of information because she was and still is hated by European liberal elites.