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Saturday, March 5, 2016

The Demolition: How Did it Happen?

Anthony Esolen gives some insight in his article, There and Back Again.

I've been reflecting on this and on the collapse of the culture which is so far advanced and can only conclude that the underlying cause is the rejection of natural law.

Most people's eyes glaze over when you mention natural law. We've replaced it with "rights." We all have rights that not only allow free speech, free association, etc., but the right to create our own reality. The poster "girl" for the rejection of natural law is Bruce Jenner. Doesn't he have the right to decide he's really a she? Our culture says yes and those who disagree are gender-phobes.

But real is real and the natural law says there are two, and only two, sexes -- male and female. God ordained it, confirmed it in Genesis, and it's the same truth today no matter how many people reject it. So I urge you to study natural law as I'm going to be doing. I want to re-read Genesis and research those who have written eloquently about the natural law written on men's hearts. Truth matters and the natural law is all about truth. We reject it at great risk as the explosion of sexually transmitted diseases and other terrible consequences of immorality illustrate. I'll be writing more about this reporting what I find. I think the first thing I'm going to read is Pope Leo XIII's encyclical Libertas. True liberty is inextricably linked to the natural law. Let's study it and bring the term back into general usage. Our culture depends on its restoration. Even if we fail to convert the culture, we can begin in our own families to establish a foundation based on truth.


  1. There was more cultural rot going on, especially in Hollywood. It was ever so subtle - had to be, to squeak by the Legion of Decency. I link below to a letter penned by Remnant founder Walter Matt while he was stationed in Lybia during World War II. He was writing to his parents about how the movie "Going My Way" was undermining Catholic doctrine. I thought that, too, and also of "Bells of St Marys". Another subtle undermining occurred in "Angels With Dirty Faces". The "golden age" of Hollywood wasn't so "golden" after all; they were beginning to push the envelope, if ever so slowly at the beginning.

  2. Interesting. I'll have to rewatch those films. But you forgot to include the link. I'd appreciate it. Thanks, Janet.

  3. Here you go.