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Tuesday, March 15, 2016

St Mary's Catholic Community, Rockledge, FL

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Pictured on the left is Rockledge, Florida's Nuclear Power Plant Catholic Church. We call Stonehenge in Rockledge but its actual name is St Mary's Catholic Community. 

The following letter by RML appeared in the December 2001 Florida Catholic: 

"Congratulations on your celebration of kitsch design in the new St. Mary's Church. The dominant exterior impression is of human genitals preparing for copulation. The erect phallic tower is directly adjacent to the cylindrical opening in the roof of the windowless 'general assembly', which forms the complementary female receptacle. Is such obvious suggestion of sexual activity appropriate for a church?"

Our suggestions for visiting St. Mary's Catholic Community are mixed. On one hand, we suggest never to go there. However on the other hand we believe it's a once in a lifetime experience, so mind boggling that once inside the church you'll discover that there will be no need to visit Kennedy Space Center on your Florida vacation. 


  1. Oh dear.

    Lord have mercy.

    I realize you've probably been to their homepage Mary Ann, but have a look at the "scrolling photos" of this... um, *community*.

    Notice how the baby is being baptized? Valid? Licit? I wonder.

    Catechist Kev

    PS: I sent you a private email a couple of weeks ago, Mary Ann. Wonder if you got it?

  2. The website is a real eye-opener. Labyrinth says it all! And no, I did not get your email. My daughter-in-law said her emails have been bouncing so I need to call my provider. Check the address Note the final e in my name is missing and it's .net and not .com.

  3. Understood, Mary Ann.

    I will send you one from our home email. (FYI, "und" is in the address)