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Tuesday, March 22, 2016

The Shared Hatreds of Islam and Liberalism

Pilate - thinking about his new friend
Here’s a small insight into Luke 23:12 which was part of the Gospel Reading for Palm Sunday of the Lord’s Passion.

Do we wonder why the biased mainstream media continues to call Islam a peaceful religion? Does that mean that the mainstream media and Islam are on the same side? How can this be?

Possibly we wonder why no one seems to notice the mountain of dead Christian and Yazidi bodies piling up in ISIS territory. Why doesn’t the plight of those poor martyred men, women, and children appear each evening on the nightly news until the situation is resolved?

Maybe we are astonished why the "refugees” overtaking Europe’s Christian culture have so little press coverage in the US. Why does the mainstream media continue to ignore the plight of native Europeans – Germans, Swedes, the French, Austrians, Hungarians, and the Dutch?

Haters hating us from their side of the fence

Wonder no more because the answer is simple and Biblical. 

Just as former enemies Herod and Pilate found true friendship through their mutual hatred of Christ, so it is today. Shared hatreds make enemies become political friends. They’re suddenly on the same side of the haters’ fence therefore have the same objectives, same hatreds, and want the same identical outcome, whatever it might be.
Both Islam and its intellectual co-partner, Liberalism, have a shared hatred of our Judeo-Christian God. The biased mainstream media is the voice of Liberalism therefore spews hatred against the Catholic Church, gleefully fights for the destruction of Israel, but sings only love and praise for wonderful peaceful Islam.

God shows us that shared hatreds truly make former enemies develop into political allies against their mutual target. It’s Biblical and we all heard it on Palm Sunday.


  1. "Possibly we wonder why no one seems to notice the mountain of dead Christian and Yazidi bodies piling up in ISIS territory."

    My friend, the reason is because the death of Christians is a "feature and not a bug".

  2. Frankly, one can say the same thing about Islam and the Catholic hierarchy. They have joined forces because they both reject the Triune God in favor of pseudo-theological fantasies.

  3. Your article, Mary Ann, ties in quite well with a disheartening sermon I heard on Palm Sunday. I had to attend a parish that from past experience caused me apprehension. My dread turned out to be well founded. The Monsignor began his sermon with examples of how even on His way to Calvary, Christ did good works. Well, that was fine until he gave his first example: Herod and Pilate were enemies, yet the one thing that stood between them was Christ. And so Christ, in His thoughtfulness, "healed their relationship." From that moment, they were friends, thanks to the healing from Christ. I kid you not. All I could do was bow my head and apologize to Our Saviour for the priest's words.

  4. Jane, a monsignor made that comment??? Wow. There are no words.

    "My people perish for a lack of knowledge." This, sadly, is the state of Catholicism today -- especially among the leadership on all levels. Even more sadly, not only is this nothing new, but it was also commonplace among the Jewish religious leaders of the OT.

  5. Hi Jane,

    Susan wrote this one. She's dealt for years with dissenting priests and bishops in the Orlando area. So many of these men are either ignorant, clueless, or malicious. God help the poor sheep!

  6. Newguy40,

    I had to look up it's a "feature not a bug" because I had not heard this before, but I agree...I think, that is if I understand correctly. Killing Christians is a feature of Islam, not a bug? And not reporting on this evil is a feature of the mainstream media, not a bug.

  7. Joseph D'Hippolito,

    Yes, definitely the same thing can be said about Islam and the Catholic hierarchy. They are on the same side against Christ. Islam understands this, while the liberal Catholic hierarchy does not. The hierarchy are liberals! therefore they're on the same side as Islam and the mainstream media, Communism, Socialism, Obama, the Democratic Party, etc.

    Pair any two, three, or a dozen against Christ - such as, say, PETA, SIERRA CLUB, RADICAL FEMINISTS, etc., and there is a sweet little (or big) inclusive club of Christ haters all on the same side of the haters' fence, fuming with anger for Christ's (read Christian morals, Christian culture, Sacramental marriage, and so forth) eradication.

  8. Jane E,

    Incredible! I'm afraid I would have taken the Monsignor aside after Mass and told him that it was not Christ's "thoughtfulness" that made Pilate and Herod friends, but rather human nature.

    Am certain that Christ was not thrilled by this type of "friendship"...the friendship of former enemies pitting against their common foe...which was not one of "Christ's good works on His way to Calvary, but instead was a joining together of forces against another (person or force) in hopes of winning.