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Tuesday, March 22, 2016

The Shared Hatreds of Islam and Liberalism

Pilate - thinking about his new friend
Here’s a small insight into Luke 23:12 which was part of the Gospel Reading for Palm Sunday of the Lord’s Passion.

Do we wonder why the biased mainstream media continues to call Islam a peaceful religion? Does that mean that the mainstream media and Islam are on the same side? How can this be?

Possibly we wonder why no one seems to notice the mountain of dead Christian and Yazidi bodies piling up in ISIS territory. Why doesn’t the plight of those poor martyred men, women, and children appear each evening on the nightly news until the situation is resolved?

Maybe we are astonished why the "refugees” overtaking Europe’s Christian culture have so little press coverage in the US. Why does the mainstream media continue to ignore the plight of native Europeans – Germans, Swedes, the French, Austrians, Hungarians, and the Dutch?

Haters hating us from their side of the fence

Wonder no more because the answer is simple and Biblical. 

Just as former enemies Herod and Pilate found true friendship through their mutual hatred of Christ, so it is today. Shared hatreds make enemies become political friends. They’re suddenly on the same side of the haters’ fence therefore have the same objectives, same hatreds, and want the same identical outcome, whatever it might be.
Both Islam and its intellectual co-partner, Liberalism, have a shared hatred of our Judeo-Christian God. The biased mainstream media is the voice of Liberalism therefore spews hatred against the Catholic Church, gleefully fights for the destruction of Israel, but sings only love and praise for wonderful peaceful Islam.

God shows us that shared hatreds truly make former enemies develop into political allies against their mutual target. It’s Biblical and we all heard it on Palm Sunday.