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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

More on the Battle for the Bathrooms! Caution: Video for Adults Only!

The insanity continues. There is nothing salacious in the video, but the subject matter is adult. It shows photos (mug shots mostly) of men who dressed as women to enter women's bathrooms and locker rooms and attack them. The narrator shows the photos of the men and describes their activities.

Hey, men dressed up as women are no problemo. No women will be endangered by their predatory behavior. Nah! Transgenderism is normal, don't you know? And if you dare to question it, expect to be censored and labeled hateful! Like Autumn Bennett whose Facebook page was removed by the politcally correct censors. Read this article at the Daily Wire and especially note the vicious comments and pornography she described receiving. I've experienced that first hand myself. I completely agree with her statement in the article saying:
"I am just completely aghast and furious at the vitriol that is so prevalent within the trans agenda," Bennett told The Daily Wire. "This has hardly anything to do with bathrooms, it is completely ridiculous. This has everything to do with brute force bully tactics, and validation of their own subjective reality at the expense of safety and liberty."
Verbal and physical assaults, rape, violence all targeting women by "transgender" men...what will it take to wake people up?

Here's one thing you can do. Protest to Facebook owner Mark Zuckerberg and demand that Autumn Bennett's page be restored. Censoring those who simply state the plain truth is a tactic of liberals who only want their own voices to be heard. Let's not give them a monopoly on Facebook!


  1. When I was high school some boys thought it was funny to push girls into the the Boys Room when they walked by in the hall. I was one of the victims. what still resonates in my memory bank was a horrible smell of stale urinals.
    I fought my way out very quickly while the boys laughed hysterically.
    As far as unisex toilets are concerned ,this idea was pushed in the liberal colleges years ago in the colleges and university's in Massachusetts. I remember reading an article which criticized the Profs for retaining their own male and female labeled lavatories while pushing the students to do their private business co ed.
    This is just the next step in desensitizing and reshaping societal norms.
    Will Americans ever understand how communism works ?

  2. I greatly admire your posts, however I always beware of posts - anybody's post, which includes the warning 'video for adults only'. I respect 100% your integrity, but if a video needs to be prefaced with a warning such as this, should this video be included in the post? Unfortunately we are all weak and subject to temptation. Posts are read by people of all ages, and there may be those who, because of this warning, will be tempted to watch it for the wrong reasons, sinful reasons. I agree absolutely with your remarks and sentiments on the subject of your post, but I won't watch the video. I don't know what it contains,I may be over-reacting, but I would prefer that it were not included, and I respectfully ask that consideration be given to removing it.

  3. There is nothing salacious in the video, but the subject matter is adult. It shows photos (mug shots mostly) of men who dressed as women to enter women's bathrooms and locker rooms and attack them. The narrator shows the photos of the men and describes their activities. There is nothing prurient or pornographic about the video. And it is a necessary warning to women who may be unwittingly buying the politically correct message that those men who identify as women are perfectly safe and no threat to them. The video shows exactly how false that message is.

    I would not want my young grandchildren watching a video showing the results of drunk driving, for example, while the content may be very useful shown to teenagers before they receive their drivers' licenses. I hope you will watch the video and share it with your adult female relatives.

  4. I think we all must be aware that to see no evil, speak no evil and hear no evil can be akin to burying one's head in the sand. It took some time but Churchmilitanttv is finally waking up to the fact that the sodomite infiltration in the Church is destroying the Faith more than speaking about it. I know because when I attempted to post our experiences with sodomite pastors and a cross dresser priest i was banned with the message from the moderator ,"We are not interested in your experiences with the dark side of the church." Well fine but I did submit links to prove the veracity of my statements.Now I see they have done a 180 and realized these are not quite so isolated instances.
    If you do not know ,then you are not forewarned, for either your own protection or that of your children.
    I just spoke to a woman who bemoaned the fact that her youngest of eight children who is now in college stopped going to Church and announced he was gay. He was home schooled and despite having been taught the Faith ,attended Church regularly and had a decent upbringing, college was where he suddenly became aware. I do not believe anyone should live at these places and I also think a nightly review of both what is in the texts and conversation about each Prof is required by every parent to try to know what is going on and discuss it with the your children. The demonic war between people of Faith and satanic communist principles is being waged against us like never before in both the colleges and the schools.

  5. These days I think it is more prudent for parents to keep their young graduates at home for community college. Let them get a taste of freedom while still under your roof and continue to educate them in solid values. I also agree with your point about knowing what is going on in the classroom. There is so much trash on college campuses these days the schools should be sued for fraud!

  6. Mary Ann,
    Thank you for your reply. Your first sentence says it all, if this could be included at the start of the post, there would be no misunderstanding.
    I have watched the video, and am angry that politicians and lawmakers should approve legislation that clearly threaten the safety and well-being of all women, and which makes a mockery of decency and common sense. The legislation is sick, as are those who promote it. God bless you and yours.

  7. Thanks for the suggestion, umblepie. I edited the post and will remember that the next time I use an adult-content video. I will NEVER post something that I consider pornographic for the exact reasons you mention! Thanks for your advice!