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Wednesday, March 16, 2016

I Rest My Case!

Image result for gustave dore inferno 7th circle of hell sodomites running on burning plain

The Realm of the Sodomites, 3rd Ring of the Seventh Circle of Hell
Gustave Dore's illustration from Dante's Inferno

Here we go again with another priest bashing story [Where are all the public school teacher abuser stories?] only this time it's all too true. I know because two of the three named priests are from the Diocese of Orlando and Fr Robert D'Aversa, TOR, is the pastor at St Patrick Catholic Community just 5 miles away.

St Patrick's is a large new church, yet on Sundays is more than half empty, I suspect because Fr D'Aversa is vastly liberal, promoting the Democratic party supporting abortion and homosexuality. 

For years and years and YEARS we (The Orlando Truth newsletter) wrote about errant practices and errant priests and errant nuns in this diocese. Many of the liberal priests we wrote about currently hold chancery positions. 

It's amazing! If we wrote about a priest, the bishop pegged him as a sure fit for a high level chancery job merely because - since he was written up in the Orlando Truth - he was not orthodox! Did not follow the teaching of Christ! Yipee! Let's appoint him Chancellor! 

Fr D'Aversa is Orlando's Vicar for Religious. Fr Giles Schinelli is Pastoral Administrator at Orlando's infamous San Pedro Center run by the Franciscans. We wrote about Fr D'Aversa and the San Pedro Center several times and advised parents NOT to send their children to San Pedro's Summer Camp. 

Yet every spring the Florida Catholic newspaper printed ads for summer camp at San Pedro and every summer parents continued to send their children there. The very last article of the Orlando Truth I wrote myself and it was about Fr D'Aversa. But nothing was ever done. Until now. Orlando's current bishop, Bishop John Noonan, trying to make his diocese look blameless, said that the current allegations have "nothing to do with anything these priests did in Orlando". 

I could tell you stories that would chill you to the bone. Here's one: I myself in deep internet searches found a well known Orlando nun, who yearly receives hundreds of thousands of (legitimate) Dollars for her "ministry", secretly giving a speech to the Young Communist League from Chicago during its touring stop in Orlando. I sent an email to the bishop, with copies to the nun, the chancellor, the chancery communications group. I heard nothing back. Nothing. The nun continues to teach her organizing anti-Catholic heresy to young people and probably recruits for the Communist movement so apparent in today's young people.

Apparently a "shocked" parishioner from St Patrick's stated, "I don't believe Fr D'Aversa is capable of doing anything that's not above board. He seems to be a very good person, a very helpful and a very saintly person." ["Seems" is the loaded word here.] This is a typical answer given by every clueless Catholic. 

Since we wrote about the Franciscans TOR, Fr D'Aversa and the San Pedro Center and nothing was ever done, I should send an email with the above news link to Archbishop Thomas Wenski of Miami, who was Bishop of Orlando at the time, and say, "I rest my case."

Am I angry? You bet I am. When will we ever GET THE SODOMITES OUT OF OUR PRIESTHOOD?


  1. How very sad to think that this could have been prevented if they had just listened to you. My prayers for the congregation at St. Patrick's.

  2. linked and quoted. on one of my blogs

  3. Dotti Truchsess what a stupid comment??? What could have been prevented if they listened to him??? The incidents occured many many years ago. And furthermore Farher Robert and the other priest didn't have any part in them. They are being tried for conspiracy because they may have known of the crimes and failed to report them, so get your facts straight before you crucify someone ok?