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Thursday, March 24, 2016

Witnesses in the Dock: John Paul Watson on Islamic Violence

When will America wake up?
9/11 didn't do it? Our talking heads still insist that "Islam is a religion of peace." No, folks. It's a religion of violence. The media play let's pretend. Our politicos celebrate Islam, Obama plays kissy face with imams as he did at the mosque in Baltimore, Our bishops "dialogue" with Muslim representatives associated with the violent Muslim Brotherhood.

Wake up, America. Our politicians' first duty is to protect us. If L.A. were attacked by a Chinese missile we would defend ourselves. If Russia dropped a bomb in New York City we would defend ourselves. We used to defend ourselves against the murderous belief system of Communism. Now we embrace Antonio Gramsci's "soft" version.

Islam is not primarily a religion, but a belief system aimed at establishing a universal caliphate where Sharia Law rules and non-Muslims are persecuted second-class citizens. The belief system of Islam and the belief system of Christianity cannot coincide. Islam intends to behead the Christian belief system as they are beheading Christians. Because of the violence of Islam, Catholic priests and bishops in Muslim countries discourage conversions out of fear.

Wake up, America! Islam bides its time in a country until its numbers allow stealth jihad to become violent jihad. Listen to the witnesses in the dock before it's too late.


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  1. From California,

    The New Oxford Review has an excellent article on this in their March 2016 issue. It is called "Barbarians at the Gates" under the New Oxford Notes on page 16.

    Although there have been at least one European woman who falsely claimed that a Muslim man raped her, there have been many more that have been truly raped. For the most part, women who lie, eventually get found out, especially with so much sperm testing available now.