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Wednesday, March 9, 2016

A Lovely Tribute to the Love between Ron and Nancy Reagan: Rest in Peace!

A photo journal of Ron and Nancy 

They certainly weren't perfect people. Ron was divorced. They had challenges with their children, but didn't air dirty laundry in public. And you sure knew their love and respect for each other was real. What a sense of humor Reagan had even in times of trouble. I will always remember what he said to Nancy after the assassination attempt. "Honey, I forgot to duck."

If you've ever read  The Reagan Diaries you've seen the little messages, drawings, and love notes he sent Nancy from both home and abroad. The affection they had for one another sent a very different message than Bill and Hillary's reputation for screaming, profanity-laced tirades (accompanied by an occasional thrown object).

They were a class act in the White House! Rest in peace, Ron and Nancy. I'm praying for the repose of their souls today. I hope you'll join me!


  1. Reagans divorce probably set up his children for a number of their problems. He said he regretted it, as he did his signing abortion bill, and talked conservative but really what did his presidency actually do prolife. On the other hand it launched many neocon careers.

  2. Ron was divorced: SO Ron and Nancy were living in adultery. Same as Herod and Herodias. But, of course, God has a different law/scale for the class act Ron and Nancy: No, He doesn't--but you do.

    You're 'prolife', but Nancy Reagan believed in a woman's choice!

    She put popularity first babies. As First Lady she often pushed her husband “to stop talking as much as he was on the social issues” like abortion and the Second Amendment."

    You (say) you believe in God and follow His Law, but Nancy hired astrologers and "listened religiously to what they had to say". [and then made everyone do what they said.]

    Nancy Reagan according to her daughter supported sodomite marriage, and all Ron's children did except his adopted son.

    What kind of parents were the Reagans?
    The adopted son is sexually abused as a child:

    "In the national dysfunctional family that is the Reagan clan, Ron might be the most ephemeral. The others chose highly public proximity - either through emulation (Michael channels the father's politics on radio and in books, and Maureen, now deceased, tried briefly and unsuccessfully to follow him into elected office) or confrontation (Patti bared family secrets in a memoir and thinly veiled novels and bared herself in Playboy).

    "Each child has reminisced controversially in print. (Ron and Patti, who uses her mother's maiden name, Davis, are the children of Ronald Reagan and his second wife, Nancy; Maureen was the daughter of Ronald Reagan and his first wife, the film star Jane Wyman. Michael, 65, was adopted by Reagan and Wyman.) But Ron refrained from memoir-writing for decades..."

    Then there's the fact that "Many people do not know that as Governor Ronald Reagan signed the first abortion law in California. On June 14, 1967, Ronald Reagan signed the Therapeutic Abortion Act, after only six months as California governor. From a total of 518 legal abortions in California in 1967, the number of abortions would soar to an annual average of 100,000 in the remaining years of Reagan’s two terms — more abortions than in any U.S. state prior to the advent of Roe v. Wade."

    Please consider this post. You don't seem to have any idea how far away you have drifted from the Catholic faith by continuing to remain in the bogus ordo. A Catholic would always pray for the souls of the deceased--but these are notorious public sinners. Yet you seem to indicate they are already in heaven: "Rest in peace, Ron and Nancy." Pray one day for the repose of their souls & that's it...

    I am praying for your soul. I hope you'll join me! Seriously.

  3. Thanks for the prayers. I'd offer to pray for you as well, but clearly you don't need any.
    You've obviously condemned the Reagans to hell so you must know the mind of God and be in his inner circle.

    I know Reagan regretted his abortion position and changed his views publicly.

    The Reagans weren't perfect people. And "rest in peace" in no way indicates someone is in heaven. It is simply a wish that all Christians should have for the dead. I'm praying for the Reagans. They did not have the blessing of the Catholic faith with all its clear teachings. They were material heretics. I have no idea whether Reagan's first marriage was valid. (Neither do you for that matter.) I find it interesting that Jane Wyman never said a negative word about him.

    He and Nancy certainly gave an example of fidelity.

    And here's what his son Michael said about his dad's reaction when he learned of the abuse when Michael was an adult:
    "The hardest thing was telling him the act. It was not enough to tell him, ‘Geez, Dad, I was molested,’ but the act… that was the toughest thing. I got all done. My dad looked at me and said, ‘Where’s this guy? I’ll kick his butt.’ My dad didn’t walk away, didn’t say he hated me. I thought to myself, Why didn’t I do this years ago? But I couldn’t have years ago. God brought me to the right moment in 1987.”

  4. Wow, Mary Ann I agree with you on something! Yes, Nancy and Ron were far from perfect, as aren't we all...(even Anonymous above...) Not only was Ron divorced (GASP) but he was a notorious "womanizer," who actually cheated on Nancy in their first few years of marriage. Nancy was pregnant when they had to get married and at the time he has suspicions that she tricked him into it. Nancy from some accounts *may* not have been a vestal virgin preceding her marriage, etc. During their marriage they may have devoted more attention to each other and their politics then their kids, which *may* have led to their kids rebelling, but who knows, is anyone a perfect parent and is anyone a perfect child?

    The point as Mary Ann makes is that we all needs God's grace and no you do not know what is in the mind of God, or what was in the mind of the Reagans when they died. However, they stuck by each other through thick and thin, they stuck by their kids despite Patti trashing them in print (I was no big fan of Nancy's icy personality but can you imagine the pain you would feel if your kid did that to you?) which is the most important things. They actually re energized the Republic Party (remember when we could be moderates) and ushered in 12 years of the party holding the presidency ...(does anyone think a Ted Cruz could do the same???)

    I would hope no one would rehash my many mistakes once I am gone!

  5. No wonder public adulterers, not to mention sodomites, will soon be admitted to 'communion' in the "catholic" church! Surely Francis could not have stated case better than you that a 'happy' 2nd marriage "sends a very different message than Bill and Hillary's reputation for screaming, profanity-laced tirades (accompanied by an occasional thrown object)." [Even mentioning this "rumor" could also be sin of detraction, calumny, gossip--bearing false witness against your neighbor (?)] however, more seriously, you are actually saying committing adultery sets a better example ('message') [and is less of a sin?] than screaming, using profanity and occasionally throwing something. Surely there's only ONE Bible and one can't misinterpret Jesus' words or John the Baptist's death in defense of marriage. You want to give the Reagans a pass because they are 'protestants'--but they claim to be Christians and followers of Christ. Your conscience seems as malformed and broad as theirs.

    Catherine of Aragon (King Henry VIII's wife) never said anything bad about her husband either...but I wouldn't say that was a testament to HIS character.

    You are giving Nancy & Ron since he was her "husband" a pass on adultery, abortion (Nancy didn't even want him to TALK about it--he killed how many babies, and if he was so sorry, what did he DO to end abortion?), astrology, sodomy... but how do they get the different scale than Ted Kennedy--because Ted had the "fullness" of the Catholic faith?

    We have come a long way from the FEAR of God (and hell fire)--which is the BEGINNING of wisdom. SAINT Paul stated he worked out his salvation w/fear and trembling--as did all the saints. I am not making these comments to be published, but for you to think--if Ron & Nancy have a hope of heaven, why can't public adulterers and sodomites have communion? When is the last time your good opinion of yourself has been challenged by your priests? Surely in Jesus' time all the pharisees, priests and scribes thought they were holy enough and pleasing to God; we can see their blindness, but can we see our own?

  6. Also suggest you think about prayer & conversion. If nancy and ron are such good examples, etc. what need to convert them to Catholicism or even to be catholic. Also sure they often were 'praying' for people or saying they were -- but does God hear the prayers of (bald faced) sinners who then go out consult their astrologer or let their wife consult her astrologer (lest she turn into a tantrum throwing/silent/no sex for you "controlling") witch?

    "Because it is like the sin of witchcraft, to rebel: and like the crime of idolatry, to refuse to obey. Forasmuch therefore as thou hast rejected the word of the Lord, the Lord hath also rejected thee from being king." 1 Sam 15:23

    When Anita Bryant was campaigning against homosexuals, Ron was penning op-eds FOR homosexual (open) teachers. Now Catholic schools have to hire public sodomites -- what MERIT does SIN have? (the wages of sin is death) What example does sexually immoral SIN set for children?:

    Here's patti says about growin up:

    In a New York Times profile, Davis remembers growing up up in an “era where your parents’ friends were all called aunt and uncle” and having an “aunt and an aunt” they saw “on holidays and other times.” “We never talked about it, but I just understood that they were a couple,” Davis said. Especially interesting is an anecdote Davis relates from her youth:
    Once when she and her father were watching a Rock Hudson movie, Ms. Davis said, she remarked that the actor “looked weird” kissing his female co-star. She said her father explained that Mr. Hudson “would rather be kissing a man,” and conveyed, without using the words homosexual or gay, the idea that “some men are born wanting to love another man.”

    Is that what you teach your children?

    We need to wake up, that WE are the problem, before WE wake up in hell.

  7. You know, this got me thinking about G.K. Chesterton who managed to remain friends with H.G. Wells, George Bernard Shaw, and others with less than holy backgrounds. Wells once said if he made it to heaven it would be because of his friend Chesterton. Judge Scalia was friends with Ruth Bader Ginsburg. I would like to be the kind of person who can appreciate the good in others even when aware of their sins and flaws. We are called to love one another even those who are "sinners and tax collectors."

  8. We can pray for them, but it is your hagiography of them, simply because they were a "cute couple", that is vapid and cloying. What did he DO for the family besides smooth talk?

  9. For one thing, Reagan brought civility back to government. He treated members on both sides of the aisle with respect and humor. His campaigning was decent. He never returned ridicule in like kind. As for his family, how do you know? I know parents who give up everything for their children and receive in return ingratitude and contempt.

    I'm not posting any more of your snide anonymous comments. If you want to say something else nasty about the Reagan's or me have the courage to sign your name. Hiding behind a rock while you fling stones is contemptible.