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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Did You Ever Wonder Why It's Called Spy Wednesday?

For exactly the reason it sounds -- Judas, the spy in their midst, goes to the pharisees to betray his Master. Interesting, isn't it that the apparent "last straw" for Judas is the woman anointing Jesus at the home of Simon the leper. (Matt. 26: 6-15) Was Judas angry that the money for the perfume didn't end up in the purse he controlled? Was he disgruntled that Jesus wasn't the King he expected in whose power he could bask? Was he disgusted at Jesus allowing a woman "like that" to touch him? The three big motivators for evil seem to be money, power, and sex. Were they all at work in Judas? It's an interesting reflection I think, because these are the same big motivators that effect many of our own sins.

Meditation questions for today: How am I like Judas? How have I betrayed the Lord in the past? How am I betraying the Lord today? What motivated my betrayal? Was it love of money...desire for power and human please a lover? What will I do to atone for my betrayal? What changes can I make it less likely I will betray Him in the future?

Jesus, I love you. Help me to never betray you again.

Mary, help me to be a faithful follower of your Son acting in faith, hope, and love.

Joseph, intercede for me that I might pursue justice for all your people beginning with my own family.

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