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Sunday, March 27, 2016

Mother Angelica Goes Home on Easter Sunday

How I used to love to watch Mother Angelica Live. Seeing and hearing that dear, feisty nun speak the truth with boldness reminded me of the description of Jesus that "He spoke with authority." When she took on Cardinal Mahony and other liberals in the Church, I cheered. And to listen to her kind advice to callers who were in pain or searching was a testimony to her humility and charity. There was a twinkle in her eye and a humble little laugh that was often deprecatingly aimed at herself. What a witness!

May God welcome her home with a fanfare. She wanted to live as long as possible:

We don’t understand the awesomeness of living even one more day. I told my sisters the other day, “When I get really bad give me all the medicine I can take, all the tubes you can stuff down me.” ‘Why’d you want that?” “I want to live.” “Why?” “Because I will have suffered one more day for the love of God… I will exercise you in virtue. But most of all I will know God better. You cannot measure the value of one new thought about God in your own life.” -Mother Angelica
Rest in peace, dear Mother, and please pray for us.


  1. She took the 'New Church' on alright! What a courageous warrior for the Church of Christ she was. A truly wonderful servant of God and his people!! I cannot help but think that we now have a saint in Heaven that is still fighting for the true Church of Christ! And what a BLESSING to die on the feast of the RESURRECTION OF CHRIST!!

    Mother Angelica, pray for us!

  2. RIP Mother Angelica. I hope her prayers will curtail the destruction of Vatican II and Pope Francis.

  3. She had more courageous and backbone that those that followed her, even some of the clergy. She was not fooled by the Novus Ordo for a minute when she saw where it was headed. May God reward her for her valiant efforts!!! We have lost one that really "fought the good battle"!