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Thursday, March 10, 2016

The Sea Island Conspiracy

Pat Buchanan pegged it as usual.

Neocons are definitely enemies of the Republic. All they care about is keeping their establishment perks and privileges.

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  1. I am not really a Trump fan, not only knowing that he wobbles on the life and marriage issues, which are most important to me, but also not convinced at all that he has any command of the issues at hand that face this country. He seems to be ill equipped to sit in the Oval Office. That said, this article by Pat B. confirmed the obvious, that the 'elites' are doing everything possible to keep control, the will of the voters be d _ _ _ _ d. This fact alone is a motivator for people that aren't so hot on Trump to do everything they can to get him IN. Heck, it even makes me think twice about my upcoming vote. Mitt Romney was the first blunder by the 'Establishment'. He is 'Mr. Establishment' himself. What is even more disturbing, is that a good number of our high ranking Bishops are following suit and, if only informally, joining the 'NEVER TRUMP' campaign. Very disturbing, especially when it is a well know fact that the Church in this country is fed with healthy 'donations' for charitable Church Ministries from government elites from not only the Democrats but Republicans as well. People are connecting the dots. They are not really as stupid as the 'Establishment' thinks or wishes they were, but then again, this whole fiasco is not rocket science.