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Tuesday, March 22, 2016

When the World is Falling Apart, Sometimes You Just Gotta Laugh!

Conversation overheard between two Islamophobic, fundamentalist, hate-mongering, orthodox Catholic women after the terrorist attack in Brussels:
Topsy: The world really is collapsing thanks to our stinkin’ political tyrants and stupid bishops!

Tuptim: Yes, and the Pope while in Africa had an Imam ride around with him in the Pope mobile, both standing there dressed in long white robes. Subliminal message being that both religions are equal.

Topsy: These days I feel like the “rock” is one of those things made out of paper mache for movie sets.

Tuptim: Yes, and if water is thrown on the paper mache rock it melts much like in the Wizard of Oz.

Topsy: Gosh, think we could get close enough to the pope to throw a little holy water on him?

Tuptim: Yes, if we dressed as Muslim women instead of orthodox Catholics. 
Topsy: Hmm...guess I’ll start sewing my burqa.
Tuptim: …and I’ll find a Holy Water bottle at our church’s thrift shop. When do we leave?
Topsy: I'm ready! I always wanted to go to Rome! 
Tuptim: Me too. 

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