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Friday, January 25, 2019

Abortion, Vaccines, and Atrocities

In light of the videos from the Center for Medical Progress, this testimony is enlightening.

First of all, note how the doc lied about the number of babies he was involved in killing for his "research." Note his discomfort as the testimony continues. Even atheists blanche a little. Remember this scene from Judgment at Nuremberg:

But aborted babies are not only used for vaccines. Cosmetic companies have added them to cosmetics for years. (Go here and here.) Now, with the new law in New York formally legalizing the murder of babies until the moment of birth (It was already legal. The new state law just confirmed what Roe and Doe already allowed.), how do you think this will impact the organ harvesting business in New York?

Can't you imagine all the corporations waiting in the wings to get the babies' organs, stem cells, brains, limbs, etc., etc. What a boon for the economy! Whole new industries can evolve! And think of how it will save on expenses for "medical waste" disposal. Maybe Jonathan Swift's modest proposal can finally come to fruition. Tender fat babies can be the new delicacy on the holiday table. Will they, I wonder, serve them with apples in their mouths?

Think of the boon for Madison Ave. "Get your organs here! Fresh and young, undiseased, barely touched. Delivered within hours of birth. None fresher!"

With the cheering and rejoicing over the murder of full-term babies by our modern pagans, what can these atheists and modernists possibly do to top this one?


I don't recommend holding your breath.


elpine flower said...

I recall a CUF tape made by Randy and Dr Marra.It was a warning to the people of Camden Diocese right before Bishop McHugh got the See. In it they told of a private meeting with Catholics when , after he was made Pro Life leader by the Vatican, he was informed of the use of aborted baby parts for vaccines and the role Planned Parenthood made. I called a Mary Kay Smith (RIP) who was at this meeting and she told me how a Susan Zaccaria nearly jumped over the table to wring his neck when , while smirking at them, he asked,"What are you people against progress"?
BTW ,I gave this site a plug for the video on a Live Chat with Michael Hitchborn today and lo and behold the video came back to me via email from someone else tonight.

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

Well, thanks for getting the word out. As my daughter wrote on her FB wall yesterday, dystopia isn't in the future, it's here now. Amen. I'm re-reading 1984 and from the very first chapter it describes what we're seeing. Orwell was a prophet!

elpine flower said...

Mary Ann,

George Orwell whose real name was Eric Blair was a member of the Fabian Society.
Not so much a prophet as an observationalist , who translated what he read heard and saw into a kind of "faction" novels similar to Malachi Martin.
Speaking of whom Dr Taylor Marshall and his side kick Gordon excoriated on a video by holding up one of his older books called "Jesus Now" and reading the subtitles. Yes it made his look like a flaming liberal but in reality the book ( which they both admitted they never read) gives a succinct reality wake up call to what the culture and many heretical catechisms were now portraying Our Lord Jesus to be.
Remember ,"Christ Among Us"?
When the book finally came home and I opened it up there was Our Lord climbing into a canoe with some scouts .....Jesus is our friend was the main thrust of that piece of trash minus His Divinity and salvific suffering death ,Resurrection and Ascension.
Honestly I am tired of this kind of nonsense.Real facts are necessary now.

Chriss Rainey said...

I was thinking of reading 1984 also. I don't have a copy. Need to get one.

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

Elpine Flower,

It's interesting the instruments the Lord uses to speak truth. Brave New World is another prophetic book written by a man with a very troubling background. What it says to me is that truth speaks to the human hearts of all men. Orwell and Huxley could not help but present the truth of what they were seeing in their societies. For Orwell it was tyranny and endless warfare. For Huxley it was making men slaves ruled by their lust.

Both books were incredibly accurate in terms of the disasters coming upon us. I'm praying for them both.

rohrbachs said...

Add in lord of the world by Benson for a third dystopic novel this one on euthanasia. Has the interesting distinction of being on the bergoglio book list but even so, prophetic.

elpine flower said...
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Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

I initially posted your comment, Elpine Flower, but I decided to think about it because I was so uneasy about it. I may repost, but I need to pray about it. I write about people having a right to their good reputation and I'm uneasy about casting aspersions on the dead without any documentation. I always appreciate your comments, but this was keeping me awake.