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Friday, January 25, 2019

Is This a Game Changer? Let the Lawsuits Begin!

Be sure to listen to the school's phone call to parents at the end of the article below informing them that Homeland Security is involved in the investigation. This is what the Democrats and their thugs in the media and the "entertainment" industry have brought us to -- where a bunch of teenagers are vilified and threatened with death for standing and smiling while being harassed by a leftist liar with a drum. These despicable individuals in the media (and the Hollywood loons) need to be confronted and held to account before they inspire a school shooting at Covington Catholic. Let the lawsuits begin! Please pray for these kids and their families! Jesus, the Way, the TRUTH, and the Life, have mercy on us.

SCOOP: ‘Defamation Dream Team’ of Five Law Firms Assembling to Take on Journalists, Media Outlets, and Celebrities Who Attacked Covington Kids


Jane E said...

How about one for the wolves falsely impersonating shepherds?

Besides their incredibly spineless reactions of using the young Catholic gentlemen--fine, upstanding gentlemen--as human shields to protect their own hides and then throwing their lambs to USCCB's ravenous compadres in the MSM, what I find especially infuriating is something that I have yet to see addressed in the countless discussions of this matter on Catholic media.

Many (most?) of these bishops, who should be safeguarding the teachings of the Church, seem to be disregarding a very important teaching on obeying the rule of law of the land. The Fourth Commandment commands us to obey and respect legitimate authority. Where is their honor and respect for the President of the United States, especially when he has done more to protect the sanctity of life than anything done by our bishops or cardinals?

Whether or not they agree with President Trump, they should be showing him the respect his office demands as well as the sinless example their office requires. Is there even one example of them teaching their flock to give our President the respect and submission that a Catholic and American citizen ought?

Meanwhile, the fine young Catholic gentlemen of Covington are being reprimanded by the wolves in shepherds' clothing for being Christ-like in the face of unmasked evil. The pharisees that persecuted Christ have nothing on what seems to be the majority of our present-day bishops and cardinals.

Each citizen has the duty to obey the just laws of the nation, The government's chief responsibility is to safeguard its borders, for which reason President Trump won the American vote. Why are our bishops and cardinals doing everything in their power to endanger our country by disregarding a vitally important legitimate national law? Could it be that the American bishops and cardinals are so pro illegal immigration because they get paid an average of $2,000/head for each illegal immigrant they place? Folks, this is the USCCB's(Uncatholic Socialist Communist Criminal Bishops) BIGGEST FUND RAISER, all funneled through Catholic Charities.

These Judases are destroying the Catholic religion and are causing non-Catholics to hate us. How can we expect to gain converts in this travesty? It's time to quit putting your money into the Sunday collection basket.

Frankly, these sorry reflections of Apostolic Succession have shown more ugly rage towards these young men than they have to the apostate Catholic governor of New York, who just CELEBRATED (literally) the worst imaginable abortion law to date, which is a poorly veiled legitimization of infanticide.

Save your anger for the Cuomos, Pelosis, and McCarricks, Excellencies.

No wonder St. John Chrysostom taught that the walls and floors of Hell are lined with the skulls of bishops.

Chriss Rainey said...

Dear Jane E,

Great response. Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts on the blog. Writers sometimes feel they are shouting in the forrest. It is good to know we are reaching the hearts and minds of the readers.

I could not agree more with what you said.

Unknown said...


What an amazing coherent logical fair truthful keen Catholic response. And thanks to Les Femmes for this robust coverage of the Devils dirty tricks.

All thanks goes really to Our Lady, the gentle lifter of veils.