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Monday, January 14, 2019

McCarrick was missing for 3 years before the age of 20.

Theodore McCarrick was missing for 3 years before 
the age of 20. Where was he and what was he doing?
The following facts indicate something gone very wrong in Theodore McCarrick's young life, suggesting that his homosexual vice goes back to his teenage years. 

The following dates are factual, not conjectural, and show that from age 15 the now disgraced Cardinal Theodore McCarrick was more than likely groomed for the sodomite priesthood by Cardinal "Nellie" Spellman and the homosexuals in his NYC Lavender Mafia.

Timeline of 10 years of Theodore McCarrick's early life from May 1944 - May 1954 
which include 3 missing years before age 20:

May 1944 - McCarrick graduates 8th grade from New York City's Washington Heights Incarnation School in May of 1944 at age 13. He would turn 14 on July 7 (DOB 7-7-30).

September 1944 - May 1946
McCarrick starts high school at Xavier High School at age 14 on an oratory scholarship in September 1944 and completes 2 academic years there - Freshman and Sophomore years - by May 1946 when he is 15, soon to be 16.

May 1946 - September 1947 
At age 15 (two months from his 16th birthday) to age 17 McCarrick is missing for 16 months with undisclosed whereabouts  after he is EXPELLED from Xavier. He quietly disappears for one academic year - actually a total of 16 months counting the summer months. 

His story differs as to what happened. In one story he says he was "confused". In another he says he was expelled for truancy and a third says he was making bad grades resulting in expulsion from Xavier. However, never does he explain exactly where he was (sitting around the house? meeting with Spellman?) or what he was doing (being groomed by Cardinal Spellman's Lavender Mafia?) during those 16 months.

September 1947 - May 1949
After being missing for a year and a half, McCarrick reappears at Fordham Prep at age 17 for his Junior and Senior years and immediately zooms to the top of their "best student chart", graduating in 1949 two months before his 19th birthday, with 4 superlatives in Prep's Ramkin yearbook - Most Likely to Succeed, Best Speaker, Most Diplomatic, and Did the Most for Prep.

May 1949 - September 1950 
After graduating from high school at Fordham Prep in May, 1949, McCarrick disappears for another year and a half when he is 18-20 years old.

Again h
is stories differ. In one account he says that he and a "friend" traveled Europe, never mentioning the identity of this person; in another account McCarrick says he went to a Carthusian Monastery in Switzerland to "study", however never mentions the name or location of the monastery or what the particular study was. 

September 1950 - May 1954
McCarrick returns to the United States a year and a half after graduating from Fordham Prep. He is now 20 years old. He enters Fordham University graduating in 1954, one academic year behind his former Prep classmates who graduated university in 1953 and two academic years behind his former classmates from Xavier, some of whom also went to Fordham University and graduated from there in 1952.

In total, c
ounting the summer months, McCarrick was missing for almost three years before the age of 20 with undisclosed whereabouts and unexplained purpose. After graduating from Fordham University and further schooling until 1963, McCarrick has a rapid, high-speed rise to the top of the hierarchy which is an example of how the sodomite groomers' pet projects (in this case, McCarrick) get ahead in ecclesial circles. The sodomites found him, groomed him for the priesthood, covered up his sodomite proclivities, and used him (quite willingly I'm sure) to further the sodomite agenda within the Church, all the way up to helping elect Francis aPope.

Now let's analyze this information. 

First, given the high ac
ademic rigor of both Xavier High School and Fordham Prep in the 1940s, it is impossible that McCarrick would have been admitted to Fordham Prep after being expelled from Xavier for either truancy or poor grades. 

The truth of the matter must be homosexuality - that he was caught doing something at Xavier either with a teacher or another student, Xavier quietly expelled him, and Cardinal Spellman's Lavender Mafia then picked him up and groomed him for a year and a half, setting him up to finish his Junior and Senior years of high school at Fordham Prep. McCarrick graduated high school in 1949, one year after his former Xavier classmates who graduated in 1948. He then goes to Europe for 16 months, again with undisclosed whereabouts and unexplained purpose, comes back to the United States and at age 20 enters Fordham University for 4 years graduating from there in 1954, 2 years after his former class mates from Xavier some of whom also went to Fordham.

Uber neo-lavendar seminarian?
The second point is that before the recent scandal in August, 2018, and before Fordham Prep removed it from the Internet, McCarrick was on Prep's list of distinguished graduates including his own full page in their Hall of Honor gushing over his graduation from Prep in 1949 and listing his four Superlatives. (Before being removed, I copied those pages and have them tucked in my files for proof). The Hall of Honor page describes McCarrick as "The Whiz Kid from the class of '49" where it indeed says that "Teddy" spent two years at Xavier High School before transferring to Prep for his Junior and Senior years. "His impact on Prep was instantaneous, and he became one of the school's top students." 

Is that so? After either truancy or bad grades at Xavier, he just "transferred"? There is no mention of the missing academic year or where he was for a year and a half. Surely Prep would have wanted to know the details. But they simply say that he "transferred", as if he went from Xavier as a Freshman and Sophomore and transferred directly to Prep for his Junior and Senior years. Again, it would have been impossible for McCarrick to have gotten into Prep after being expelled from Xavier for poor performance.

In addition, what a turnaround, eh? From truancy and poor grades to "top student" and "The Whiz Kid". More than likely it was administration manipulation by Cardinal Spellman. McCarrick said, "I don't know how my mother did it" meaning he wants us to believe that his mother talked Prep into admitting him after poor performance at Xavier and MIA for 16 months. While it would have been impossible for his mother to have accomplished that coup, it would not have been impossible for Cardinal Spellman to manipulate Prep's strings for his new puppet.

Soon af
ter Fordham Prep removed The Whiz Kid from their website, Fordham University had this to say: "The University Board of Trustees has voted to rescind Cardinal McCarrick's honorary degree and other honors the university has conferred upon him." 

The third point is that the homosexual network was quite deep in NYC in Cardinal "Nellie" Spellman's day. Do people really doubt that Spellman placed young homosexuals in the priesthood and Theodore McCarrick was one of them? Or think that McCarrick became a priest then suddenly became a homosexual? Or is it that they don't want to admit that there was, and still is, a homosexual network within the Church - the Lavender Mafia -  and that these predators find other homosexuals to enter the priesthood to further the sodomite agenda in the Church and therefore in the world at large.
Sodomites at Disney, Orlando 

No one knows, today that is, at either Xavier High School or Fordham Prep who in 1946-1949, helped McCarrick along the journey to his questionable priestly career. Possibly someone should ask the two schools for their documentation or search Cardinal Spellman's records from half a century ago even though it's doubtful that Spellman would have kept information on his homosexual puppets, and Xavier and Fordham Prep likewise would have covered up anything untoward. The best would be to ask Theodore McCarrick himself. He would know.

cannot be covered up are the facts.

FACT:  McCarrick went to Xavier for 2 years, missed one academic year then "transferred" to Fordham Prep, graduating there in 1949 while his former classmates from Xavier graduated in 1948. Then after graduation from Prep, McCarrick goes to Europe for a year and a half with no concrete explanation of purpose or whereabouts, returns to the United States, goes to Fordham University, then the seminary, then furthers his studies at the Catholic University of America in Washington, DC earning a PhD in sociology in 1963. He then rises to the top of the hierarchy all the while sodomizing young boys, seminarians and priests while Spellman and others over the years cover up for him.

FACT: The factual academic dates point to the undeniable fact that he was missing from the public eye for 3 years at very young ages before he was 20. To be precise, within the span of five years, i.e., between the ages of 15-20, McCarrick was missing for three of those years. The only two years he was "in sight" were the 2 years spent at Fordham Prep.

FACT: McCarrick admits that he was
expelled from Xavier so we must then ask HOW his mother got him into Fordham Prep after being expelled from Xavier and MIA for 16 months at age 15 and missing an academic year. The answer is that she didn't. It's impossible that she could have gotten him in, but not impossible for Cardinal Spellman who had "plans" for his new protege.

er must be that he did something at Xavier, was expelled for it and for one year between his Sophomore and Junior years of high school, i.e. the missing academic year between Xavier and Fordham Prep, he was taken under Spellman's wing and the NYC network of homosexual priests, and offered a deal along the lines of being placed in Fordham Prep, then one and a half years in Europe doing God only knows what, then Fordham University, the Seminary, and a PhD at CUA, then a soaring career in the priesthood sodomizing his way straight to the top in order to advance the homosexual agenda in the Church to undermine Christ's teaching.

McCarrick had
Spellman's sanction to abuse other males knowing that powerful homosexual's within the Church would cover up for him. But alas, the devil had his day and flipped sides because after all, he is the father of lies.

Cardinal T
heodore Edgar McCarrick's everlasting fame and glory with his name on parishes, schools and whatever else the sodomites were planning to name after him, disappeared - poof, out the window, gone in a flash - and he is left with only a short time to prepare himself before meeting Almighty God in the ParticulaJudgement. Please let us  pray for him.


  1. Is there anybody who went to high school with McCarrick who is willing and able to talk about him?

  2. "The McCarrick case is about four generations of homosexual/pederast Catholic bishops and cardinals in AmChurch – McCarrick being part of the third generation, and the homosexual bishops he has consecrated, the fourth generation."

    Check out Randy Engel's article at . Don't skip the comments. They are very interesting and enlightening.

    The homosexual network is alive and well and continues to thrive. Like the hydra, you cut off one head and it grows another. So CUT OFF THE MONEY. I look forward to the elimination of the tax exemption and the loss of government contracts. A poor church is more likely to be a holy church. How many of these high living "princes" will want to live in a rectory in the church basement?

  3. The people who went to high school with McCarrick gave me as much information as they knew. It's all included in the article.

    Xavier had this to say in December 2018:

    So far I have not seen the list.

    As suggested, someone needs to ask McCarrick himself. He would know.

  4. Susan,

    That is a different Xavier HS. It is a Cincinnati school, where I am located. It is just as rotted. Alas, my eldest son attended and my youngest son attends now. So I KNOW that they do not follow what the Church teaches on a multitude of subjects. For example, ever hear about God the Mother on Trinity Sunday? or the Prodigal Daughter? All preached about at my local parish by a visiting Jesuit who happened to be the Head of the local Cincinnati Jesuit Community at Xavier University and part time teacher at the HS.

    The local Naughty list can be found here.

    I suspect that it will be like other released lists, only partial.

  5. Oh, sorry. Thanks for the correction.

    The USA Northeast Province of Jesuits (which includes Xavier in NYC) will release a list of Jesuits credibly accredited with sexual abuse. I hope the list goes back to the 1940s.

  6. For the time that McCarrick said he was in Switzerland, he was in Sankt Gallen (yes, as in Sankt Gallen Mafia Sankt Gallen!) His nephew and abuse victim James Grein said that is where the real corruption of McCarrick happened.

  7. Victim James Grein says in his interview with Dr. Marshall, that during his Fordhom days McCarrick spent a lot of time in St. Gallen, after which MCarrick "was never the same"

  8. Just for the sake of clarity, James Grein, is not the nephew of McCarrick. McCarrick is an only child. Also, I am not sure, but isn't Spellman a graduate of Fordham? I thought he had some connection to the school, besides being the Archbishop of New York.

  9. For the sake of clarity, James Grein, is not a nephew of McCarrick. McCarrick has no siblings.

    I could be wrong, but didn't Cardinal Spellman have some connection to Fordham? Did he attend that college?

  10. You know, with all of the rank speculation in this piece, I just wonder whether the author thinks it makes him worse or more sinful than he already his. He's already plenty bad enough for me; I don't actually need any more.

  11. James Grein says that all his brothers and sisters called McCarrick "Uncle Teddy" and that McCarrick would always introduce him as his nephew. No blood relation. McCarrick was an only child. His father died when he was 3 years old.

    Yes, Cardinal Spellman had connections to Fordham. He went there from 1907-1911 and also as Archbishop of NY both Fordham Prep and Fordham University were under his thumb so to speak.

  12. MaryAnn i could not agree with you more re: a poor church.
    Government money had much to do with the destruction of the Parochial school system.
    As I have stated before. Imagine my shock to discover the real reason why my children never brought home their text books for homework. When I opted to home school and met with the District School Superintendent ,I discovered our that our Catholic school purchased the old public school texts every two or three years at a third of the cost.
    For several years I designed my own curricula and after purchasing more texts than I needed along with the teachers manuals, I took another look at my old tuition bill breakdown. $900.00 a year for curriculum alone per student was a bold faced lie!
    Books not coming home for homework assignments? They were stamped as the property of the public school system. We paid once in our taxes and quadruple or more in our Parochial tuition for the same older books we already paid for!
    In other words, our Diocese have helped to destroy the Catholic textbook Publishing industry.

    Back to topic........I is most likely McCarrick himself was a victim of sodomite sexual abuse and perpetrated what he was a prime target for coming from a fatherless home.
    Only God can end this plague. We can and should with hold our donations.

  13. CC Pour - While speculating about where McCarrick was and what he was doing for 3 years before the age of 20, it is not speculation but actual FACT that he went to Xavier for 2 years, was EXPELLED - that's straight from his linked speech in the article - went missing for a year and a half, then went to Fordham Prep for the next two years then disappeared again for another year and a half which is on his wiki page.

    Try to separate FACT from speculation. The reason for speculation on his whereabouts for those three years is because he will not say where he was and what he was doing. The academic dates are FACTUAL and obviously lead to the questions of what happened, why was he expelled from Xavier, where was he for the next 16 months and doing what, how did he get admitted to Prep, where was he after he graduated from prep the year and a half before he entered Fordham University. As it turns out now, thanks to James Grein, McCarrick was in St Gallen back on the late 40's and went there every year for 20 years.

    So now let's speculate, why did he go there? Who was James Greir's Swiss grandfather? Why did the St Gallen Mafia meet in St Gallen before the Bergoglio election? Is St Gallen a hotbed of socialist/communist/Lutheran/Modernist anti Catholic activity as far back as the 1940s? Seems so, and even before that time...specially since Lenin lived in Switzerland off and on for 6 years between 1903 and 1917 and the man who orchestrated Lenin's return to Russia - Fritz Platten - was from St Gallen.

    There are some things we can only wonder about, but FACTS are FACTS and cannot be disputed.

  14. CC Pour , whether or not you need to hear anymore about McCarrick, it is worth finding out in order to comprehend the depth of the corruption in order to root it out and push for reform.

  15. What’s the point of including Disney Orlando gay photo and the Lavender record? They have nothing to do with the McCarrick article except to promote your own homophobia. Get over the Sodomite crap. Enough already. U give good Catholics a bad name.Who cares about McC’s missing years they will tell u nothing. Born gay always gay for the most part. They don’t come from nowhere — u literally give birth to all of them. Of course the Church is rife with them, rectories and convents have been a perfect place for them to hide for centuries.
    Your blog is the perfect place to think you’re solving the problem problem investigating the meaningless years and theories, while failing to confront the problem directly in your own home towns. You all sound perversely titilated about what you’ll uncover. Much more exciting than Murder She Wrote reruns.

  16. Hmm..."sodomite crap" that a pun?

    Want to provide some scientific evidence that people are "born gay?" There isn't any.

    You're right...those inclined to sodomy don't come from nowhere... they are generally introduced into the gay lifestyle by being groomed and molested.

    As for us being "homophobic" -- what nonsense. Susan and I aren't afraid of homosexuals. We're afraid FOR them. No sodomites will get into the kingdom of heaven unless they repent. Neither will fornicators or adulterers. Sex is a gift, holy in the proper context, sinful when misused, diabolical when perversely misused.

    Do you identify as "gay?"

  17. May God have mercy upon your soul.

  18. We all need God's mercy, LWC, especially Catholics who voted for Biden, a man who promises on day 1 to eliminate all the safeguards for the unborn put into place over the last four years.