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Monday, January 21, 2019

Bread and Circuses over the Covington Boys Continues...

Sentence first, verdict afterwards!
Has anyone in the country missed the story about the evil, racist, white-privileged,"Hitler youth" boys who mobbed a poor innocent Indian (a Vietnam vet to boot) just minding his own business? They scalped him you know after infecting his drum with smallpox and driving him onto the Trail of Tears. (Did I miss anything?) I'm not justifying the shameful acts and betrayal of native Americans by the U.S. government 150 years ago, but these boys didn't do any of that!

The incident on Friday looked more like Custer's last stand by a liberal leftist with a history of dishonest street theater aiming to annihilate a group of youngsters who are pro-life and pro-Trump. Yup, as more comes out, the second scenario appears to be the accurate one. Go after a relatively soft target, freeze it and destroy it to make points for your "cause."

I emailed the note below to the Diocese of Covington this morning and hope their server is overwhelmed with messages supporting the boys and their families. I sent a similar email to Archbishop Kurtz of Louisville who joined the ignorant attack on the boys. The children deserved better from their spiritual fathers:

The behavior of the Diocese of Covington over the incident at the Lincoln Memorial is shameful! I feel like I'm in a live rendering of Alice Through the Looking Glass with the Queen of Hearts calling for punishment first, trial afterwards. These boys deserved the benefit of the doubt not an immediate leap to judgment and threats of expulsion. This is shameful and certainly not in line with the teaching of Jesus Christ.  As more information comes out, it's clear that the boys were targeted because of their MAGA hats. That a 64-year-old adult would get in their faces beating his drum and then dare to say he felt threatened is shameful especially considering his background as an agitator who loves the limelight.
I hope these boys and their families get a good lawyer and sue the media for slander and throw the diocese of covington, the school, (and Bishop Kurtz who joined in the pile-on) under the bus like you did to them. If I were a member of your diocese I would divert all my contributions for a legal defense fund for these kids and their families who have been doxxed and are getting death threats.
This story won't be off the radar screen for awhile. LifeSiteNews has an article this morning.

Anti-Trump media touts fake news to whip up mob against pro-life kids. They should be ashamed

The retractions are beginning (not from the Diocese of Covington which is sticking to its story on the homepage today) but that hasn't stopped the deluge of vile comments on social media from Trump haters and pro-aborts who have made these kids scapegoats for their mindless rage against... well...let's face it...against the laws of God. They hate Trump because he threatens their sacrament of abortion. They hate him because he loves America and wants to protect her and her people (you know, the ones in flyover country whom the elites detest!).

Destroying these kids is just one more chapter in the liberal playbook. Use any means to achieve your goals and if that means "jamming" innocent kids, hey go for it! Saul Alinsky would be proud. Here's one of principles that was certainly exhibited in the reaction of the Diocese of Covington and the school: "The enemy properly goaded and guided in his reaction will be your major strength." Alinsky disciple Nathan Phillips did the goading and the puppets in Kentucky jumped and danced to his tune (or should I say drumbeat?). The kids got the shaft. The liberal left got to virtue posture and attack "privileged white males."

Stay's not over!


  1. Note von maren says maga hats on a school field trip were a questionable decision. Ignoring that the nanosecond of American greatness was when created equal was penned. Perfect for March for life. And for the steps of the Lincoln memorial I might add, considering how that nanosecond of greatness wrote the promissory notes for abolition of both slavery and abortion.

  2. Fox had a story about Alyssa Milano and her horrible statements on the abbreviated I commented: Regarding the liberal activist actress slandering a young boy without seeking his side, is it not clear to all the total lack of heart she possesses? She is nothing more than a fascist feminist with a microphone and a complicit liberal msm doing harm to innocent American citizens, no matter what age! Milano should have an ounce of decency and ask forgiveness, making certain the real story be told. Also, unless she wants to live in such horrid times, she must stop equating those who wear hats in support of the President of the U.S. with the democrat party's horrific past -- the klan. Perhaps her hair is wound too tight for using her God-given intellect and reason. (Well, maybe I shouldn't have said that last sentence...) God bless you and your family!


    This is the website for the Covington Diocese. As of 3:42 today their condemnation of the teens is still on their web page. A message box will appear on the bottom of the page that pops up.