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Thursday, January 24, 2019

Covington Kids Going to the White House...

Meanwhile..."this war is just beginning."

Read Allie Allie's article about the left's new double-down against these kids and President Trump. As Tucker Carlson said last night, this wasn't about what the kids did (nothing wrong) but about who they are, Catholic white males. The media, who couldn't spend two minutes covering the March for Life, focused like a laser beam on this fake story turning these youngster's into "Hitler youth," ravaging "beasts" going after their "prey," and other abominable epithets.

We are living in the 1984 universe of "thought crimes" and "face crimes" where the liberal left pillories anyone who dares to defy their godless agenda. If the liberal left take over the White House in 2020 it will Big Brother on a rampage.

And who really resembled the Nazis here? The fresh-faced young boys? Or the drum-beating provocateur looking for his target? Who are the real racists?

Nathan Phillips reminds me of all the losers in the Third Reich, like the bureaucratic little clerk Adolf Eichmann who could hardly make it in a normal society but became icons of hate for Hitler and his agenda. Those kids in red MAGA hats were wearing the "yellow star" that singled them out for attention from the brown shirt thugs who turned their trip to the March into the equivalent of Kristallnacht.

Like a true Alinskyite, Phillips froze his target (literally) when he went up and started banging his drum in Nick Sandmann's face. That young man was as steady as could be as he stood there gesturing to a student behind him not to engage with one of Phillips' company who was yelling at him.

Phillips, the lying Marine corps vet (who repaired refrigerators when he wasn't going AWOL), calls himself a "recon ranger," a non-existent classification. Maybe that's a joke and he was referring to electric "ranges." At any rate, the media continue to treat this liar with awed and breathless respect when he deserves to be laughed out of the studio. The NBC interviewer grilled Nick Sandmann like a murder suspect in a B-movie. Phillips has received the kid glove treatment.

Thank you to President Trump for making plans to send a plane for these kids to bring them to the White House. I hope they have a great time and this honor confirms them -- first in their Catholic faith to be warriors for Jesus Christ -- and then in their resolve to fight for our country and the values (rapidly disappearing) that made America great: family, faith, integrity, and honor.


Chriss Rainey said...

I don't like the co-opting of the holocaust images for emotional effect in making a case but I think, Mary Ann, if there ever was an appropriate time to do so, this is it.

These kids are threatened, attacked, and insulted all for the same reasons as the Jews. The parallel is astonishing! When this is seen as acceptable by the left and normal by their media voices, how much longer will it be before innocent white Catholic conservative boys are murdered?

The only difference is the yellow stars were forced on the Jews. Were it not for President Trump, how long could we expect this to be the case? How much longer before conservative Christians are forced to wear a label that puts them up for ridicule.

The only hope we have is to BE CHRISTIANS anywhere and always with courage, like Nick Sandmann. God bless him.

Aqua said...

Saul Alinsky is the perfect prophet for Lucifer. His philosophy is infernal; it smells of sulfur. His book, literally dedicated to his father of lies.

So why was he received warmly, as an obviously close friend, in the Vatican by Pope Paul VI?