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Monday, January 7, 2019

My Thoughts on the Gag Order Put on Fr. Mark Goring by Chriss Rainey

I am absolutely crushed that Fr. Mark Goring has been silenced.  He was told to cease and desist by “his superiors.”  He didn’t say how far up that command went.  Was it only from the head of his order?  Or was it through that head coming further up the food chain from Cardinal Daniel DiNardo, bishop of Houston-Galveston, and president of the USCCB?  Or who knows?  Was it from the Vatican after some whining from Cardinal Donald Wuerl?  It doesn’t matter.  Someone with power to ruin his whole life has put the thumb screws on one of the most refreshing voices I’ve heard in a very long time. 

Naturally, I was all in with his St. Joseph Warriors.  We sent in our photo and listened to his daily You Tube post, but more importantly, we are doing and will continue to do what he made clear was so important---that we get ON OUR KNEES three times a day and pray, however briefly. 

I can’t EVER recall a priest telling me to do that.  Not EVER.  This is exactly what we need, priests willing to tell us what we must do to be better CATHOLICS.  Not just better stewards of the planet, or redistributors of our wealth, or co-existers or pluralists, but BETTER CATHOLICS. 
I see in Fr. Mark Goring a man who woke up one day and said to himself, something needs to be done and I’m going to do more than complain about it.  I’m going to use my talents to gather people together for the purpose of making a difference in our Church and renewing the purity and dignity that has been so lacking in the last 50 years.  To know someone in the Church has said NO to that is deeply troubling.  You can argue that they have the “legitimate” power to do so, but it doesn’t mean it was the wisest decision.  How could you, unless that is, you believe the sheep need to just calm down and move on.  The problems we’ve been roaring about aren’t worth getting so worked up over.  Just go to mass, drop in your money, sing out of your Gather Hymnal, and go home knowing you’ve checked that off your list for another week.  Getting actually involved on the other hand gets so messy and “we wouldn’t want to do that, now would we?”

Do you ever get the feeling you are being treated like a lunatic in an insane asylum?  Don’t worry.  Be happy.  It’s all going to work out.  You’ll see.
Fr. Goring said he took a vow of obedience.  No doubt he like so many others took it seriously and I understand that, though I must confess, I have little respect for it when it comes to subjugating yourself to others who fail to keep God’s commandments. 

I am an obedient wife, but I would not hesitate to rebel if my husband were asking me to contribute in some way to sin, whether it was by deed or by my silence.  As long as he behaves like a Catholic, he can be the boss.  I think the same could be true for all the men and women in service to God through the Church whether they are in an order, a convent, a monastery, or a diocese.  The people they report to and pledge their obedience need to be asking for their submission from a position of deserving it. 
I just finished reading a hair raising book titled The Nuns of Sant’ Ambrogio, by Hubert Wolf, published in 2015.  It is based on the Inquisition trial transcripts from the Vatican archives of a case involving a wicked cult of lesbian initiation rites in a convent in Rome in the 1850’s.  All the incoming nuns naturally pledged or vowed obedience and it was disastrous for all involved.  This is for sure an EXTREME CASE, but it is what I mean when I say obedience should go only so far and no further. 
Another instance is Sr. Lucia who was put in virtual exile for most of her life and forbidden to speak to anyone.  Because of this the Catholic laity has spent the last 100 years speculating over what was in the third secret revealed to her by Mary and assuming it was being covered up by clergy to protect the corruption in the Church.  Sr. Lucia, who had not broken any civil laws, made herself a prisoner.  She was faithful to a vow I think should have been ignored, for the sake of the Church at large.  There are many who would say the people enforcing this silence on her had much to hide.  In other words, they were not deserving of her submission. 

When a priest today has the courage to speak out against the disgusting corruption and filth in the hierarchy, I say God bless him!  We owe no allegiance to those individuals that bring dishonor to the Body of Christ.  It is impossible for me to think I can say what I want and a priest cannot, when both of us see the same error. 
The fact “this is the way we’ve always done it” just may not be working anymore.  Or if it IS WORKING, is it not clear it is working best for the forces that are currently destroying the Church? 


Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

I sympathize and feel much the same, but at what point do you become a Protestant like Martin Luther? He was, after all, protesting real corruption in the Church.

Chriss Rainey said...

I don't protest the Church or its organizational structure. I reject the silence when it comes to sinful behavior.

elpine flower said...

Point well taken Mary Ann.
i also knew Fr Hardon and sat in 1994 across from him with about twenty other home School state leaders . We were discussing the infamous Guidelines proposed by a Sr Dudick,( Fr Stravinskas as well) as a means to control what home school Catholic parents used to educate their children in the Faith.
Fr Hardon suggested we " bridges to our Bishops."
"With all due respect Fr ,we tried that with the horrible sex ed that was being imposed on our children." Ft Hardon looked embarrassed and put his head down. It was the truth and he knew we were catching on to the corruption in the Hierarchy.
Their hands and tongues are tied and we have no authority as laity within the structure of church governance.

However ,when it comes to civil crimes, the FBI and State Attorney Generals do.
God is in control. "Through the prayers of the Mother of God , Oh Savior ,save us!"

We do have recourse to civil litigation. Report any sexual crimes against your person or others by the clergy. Report theft of church accounts and property.
I learned a long time ago the Bishops in general do not care, unless you file civil complaints after asking our parish accountant why she did not report the theft of all the expensive parish rectory owned furnishings and the dissolution of all our parish accounts by our former cross dresser pastor.
"Because he's a Prieeest!", was her excuse for inaction. Thanks to Fr Belisarius who called his then Bishop Jon on our behalf , we found out even his Ordination fell into question.
The end of the sad story was that our parish was sold to Korean evangelicals and now since both Fr B and Bishop Jon have departed this earthly plain, the cross dresser has returned to the fold as Secretary to the new Bishop !!! a month before Fr Belisarius died we visited and dined with him in a Front Royal restaurant.
He confided ,although he did not know his new Bishop, he was told he was spreading rumors about him to other clerics who warned him. He did not know why. Well he knows now and it consoles me to think it does not matter to him.
But it doesn't take a genius to see that the rumors were sparked by the cross dressing fraudulent priest Fr B and his previous Bishop removed from Ministry and who now works closely with the new Bishop.

Gossip you say?
Understand that this is how the Lavender Mafia thrives.
Speak the truth always to counteract these evil men because good priests and laity are being harmed and defamed by them.

Michael Dowd said...

Agree. To be obedient and silent in the face of criminal concealment is to be complicit in sin. Fr Goring should continue to speak out even or rather especially if he gets fired.

M. Prodigal said...

Fr. Goring does not have personal evidence of criminal concealment; rather it is the garbage we all know about. And NO he should not continue to speak out if he wants to remain in his Order and be a priest. He must obey legitimate commands and this is. He would need to be disobedient if he was asked to do something sinful and this is not the case. Priests all over this country and in other places are being marginalized or exiled for even less.

Here is a possible scenario: a "higher-up" authority says to Fr. Mark's superiors, "Shut that guy up or find another diocese to be in." Could happen...

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

I received this comment in an email and am posting it here. I agree with D.C. I understand everyone's anger and frustration, but Fr. Goring, I believe, was absolutely correct in his obedience. Here's D.C.'s thoughtful response.

Dear Mary Ann

I had heard about Fr. Goring on Fr. Z's blog, but very little information was given, so I started to look around and found your blog. I don't have a Google account (don't want one, especially for security reasons), but I did want to pass along a comment regarding Fr. Goring and obedience.

Commenter Julia believes that Fr. Goring has committed a sin of ommission by not continuing his Youtube posts on Bishop Wuerl. She uses the example of a husband telling her wife to not to care for her children as an example of obeying, but sinning.
That is not a good analogy. A wife has a positive duty under natural and moral law to care for her children. To command otherwise, except in cases of such situations as post-partum psychosis, for example, where the "care" is likely to be abusive, is to lead her to disobey a moral directive.
Fr. Goring has no positive duty to comment on Bishop Wuerl. He has not been specifically commanded to do so by his superior, nor is this a general positive command for priests or else all priests would be obligated to comment on Wuerl, just as it is a positive obligation for all priests to pray the Liturgy of the Hours. Fr. Goring has prudentially appropriated to himself this task of commenting on Wuerl, but he can be overturned by his superior, without explanation.

It is not immoral, in general, to stay silent about Wuerl, except for those who have a positive duty not to stay silent and even then, they do not have a positive obligation to report to the public, only those who need to know.

That's how obedience works. Fr. Goring is doing nothing immoral by not commenting and is doing a good by obeying his superiors. Sometimes, superiors command bone-headed things. I do not have enough knowledge of the situation to say anything in this cases about the prudence of the command. I just wanted to clarify that a sin of ommission only occurs when one does not do what one has a positive obligation to do.

That is not the case, here.

D. C.

Unknown said...

This is ludacris. We are frogs in a slowly heating pot. We are giving our Church over to demons who have been wanting this for a long time. Do you honestly think Fr. Mark is the only one who has been taken out. Be a priest today anywhere and speak out on behalf of the truth and so long. They end up going for counciling and far far away. I am tired of believing that things will change. Father had us all in a hopeful place. A place that was calm and honest. I was very excited for Father to lead us into a battle. He may think he did well but believe me the authority is out to get him. That is why none of his friends who are priests are rallying around him. He is solo. Pray for him.
He said get on your knees 3x a day and pray. That is what many of us did.
Who is going to fight and what is our next move?
Priscilla Santi

elpine flower said...

I agree with the email point that is made by DC, Mary Ann.
However, the present state of corruption ,crime anger and confusion within the church is a direct result of silence from the pulpit in the face of evil.

While priests take vows of obedience to their Local Ordinaries ,pew people interpret that silence from the pulpit as zero mortal sin. Better put, "I'm Okay ,your Okay.Everyone and EVERYTHING is Okay"......What CMtv dubs the "Church of Nice", we used to call the Progressives or liberal church.
I know from personal experience as I am sure you do too, that as a layperson speaking out on the truth does make for enemies. We know it does for clerics too.

"Bishop against Bishop and Cardinal against Cardinal" .....Akita.In the sixties we were also told by the nuns that this was part of the message of Fatima too.

DC should also realize that we all have been treated to "Sins of Omission" from the Papacy on down, to the homilies we have all been treated to by one priest or another.
If I hear the canned homily that "....the sin of Sodom and Gomorrah was the uncharitable act of in-hospitality." ever again, I am going to stand up and scream from my pew, "No it is SODOMY and fornication stupid!"
There were a number of these homilies floating around and believe it or not priests could actually purchase them to reuse from Homiletic books online.
St John Vianney's "Feathers Homily" was another one widely used by KNOWN sodomites in certain parishes to chastise and squelch rectory employees and others who knew.

Catholics who know the Faith ARE FED UP, with these Sins of Omission that support the likes of Communion for pro abort politicians and Dignity groups.

Again, I am not a fan of Fr Goring because he advocates the so called Charismatic Renewal and Ralph Martin , which and who has introduced many non catholic practices into parishes Nevertheless, it is understandable why the laity see his videos as heroic simply because few priests preach against sins of the flesh or those that cry out to heaven for vengeance anymore.

Charlie said...

God bless Fr. Goring. We are to obey our superiors in everything except sin. Our mission is to preserve and restore order in submission to Christ not undermine it.

Christ is in charge, and He knows what He is doing. When we rebel, we are showing that we don't really believe this, and we go down the path of schism and heresy.

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

I don't think we should be discouraged about this. It's too early.

Priests can preach about corruption in the Church without organizing a group to do battle. That's the laity's job anyhow. Priests primary function is to "teach, govern, and sanctify." Preaching the moral truths hasn't been going on for years. It's all luv-luv-luv. How about a sermon on how to recognize a good priest or a good bishop. How about giving us the signs when to challenge your pastor? Fr. Hardon told people to ignore their pastor if he's telling them not to genuflect or to stand during Communion until everyone receives. Read Fr. Pokorsky's sermons. I quoted from one of his articles in the last issue of the Les Femmes newsletter, "Confronting the Gay Priest Problem." You can read it here including his advice to bishops on how to handle a priest who "comes out."

There's more than one way to skin a cat. Think of the impact if everybody reading this, copied Fr. Pokorsky's advice and sent it to their bishops along with a strong recommendation to remove all gay priests from positions of leadership and authority. There should be NO gay pastors. Whether they act on same sex attraction or not! You wouldn't hire a person tempted to pedophilia to babysit your children would you. Or would you be willing to say, "Of course I would, as long as they don't act on it." Anyone who said that would be a candidate for the nut house. Our priests need to speak out on the moral truths encouraging the LAITY to take action. Here's the link to Fr. Pokorsky's article.

elpine flower said...

Mary Ann , You know well that there is a long history of laity writing to their Bishops concerning Liturgical and clerical abuse to no avail.

Correspondence with Father Mark Goring, C.C.
(The nature of religious obedience)

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

We can do more than write letters. Cutting off the money is absolutely essential.

I confess to being ambivalent about all this. I read the letter to Fr. Goring and agree with a lot of it. But I also agree with D.C. The problem with deciding to disobey your religious authorities is that you are then in the role of being your own authority. Of course, you can say you are following the authority of God, but that's what Protestants do to justify whatever they want to do. None of us knows exactly what Fr.Goring's religious authorities told him to do. As I said, I read the letter you linked to and the priest's question, should you obey Satan, implies that the superior is ordering something satanic. I don't see that being the case here.

I need to reread the biography of St. Athanasius. He certainly lived in a time like ours when many heretics were ruling the Church. In the meantime, I will continue to pray for Fr. Goring and for all priests. I don't want him to end up like Fr. Haley whose active priesthood was destroyed by an evil bishop.

Susan Matthiesen said...

Catholics need a Yellow Vest revolt against the sodomite Church. Gather is St Peter's Square, in the churches, in St Patrick's, at the Shrine of the Immaculate Conception, etc all over the world. Just one big REVOLT. No money, no NOTHING until they crumble and fall, are GONE and a new dawn is ushered in.

Meanwhile the silencing of truth will continue because, let's face it, no one is too worked up and angry to do a Catholic Yellow Vest revolt. We're either waiting for a Vendee-like situation or for Jesus to do it for us....even though we are His hands and feet. We're waiting for Him to rescue US while HE is waiting for US to do something. Not sure who will win the waiting game. It's just easier to leave the Church, isn't it? Go someplace else. Become a Muslim or something because at least THEY get up and fight to the death. At least THEY have something Catholics today do not - a belief in a higher force to fight for, wrong though their beliefs are. At least THEIR BLOOD BOILS, whereas Catholics whine, then are complacent, obedient, and sit doing nothing, waiting...waiting...waiting.

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

Another E-mail comment from D.C.

Dear Mary Ann,
Thank you for posting my e-mail. I would like to follow-up.

Elpine flower commented that the laity have been subjected to sins of omission from the pulpit for years and, sadly, this is true, but I was commenting only on a specific case. Priests, in general, have a positive duty to comment correctly on Scripture and Catholic moral teachings during their homilies. To the extent they do not do this, they are derelict. Many priests do not teach properly from the pulpit, to judge, at least by the comments I read online and my own personal experiences. These transgressions, however, do not have a bearing on the case of Fr. Goring, who does not have a duty, on his own, neither in his capacity as priest or a YouTube preacher to comment on Wuerl, so he can not be labeled guilty for not doing something he has no obligation to do.

It might be argued that priests must speak out about evils and while this is true, in a general sense, they do not have a necessity to speak about specific cases (except where it might impact their congregation), only the general moral principles, otherwise, they would be in the position of giving a litany of sinners each Sunday instead of a homily.

Civil authorities do have duty to notify the public about pedophiles. They do this, to a limited extent, by sex offender notification in the mail. In criminal law, there is a presumption of innocence, however, so, if Wuerl is ever arrested or indicted, that may be reported, but simple accusation without arrest does not have to be reported to anybody, external to the police.

A false accusation against a priest is almost as bad as a true one, sadly, these days. In any case, Wuerl is entitled to his day in court. The laity is entitled to a righteous verdict. I suggest that that is a good thing to pray for, since, if Wuerl is guilty, everyone should want him to repent in this life before his final judgment; if he is not guilty, then it is better for those without clear knowledge to grit their teeth and hold their tongues, least they be found guilty of rash judgment.

I do not know the extent of the evidence against Wuerl and I have no business assuming what the judgment should be. I simply want to comment that sins of omission apply to a specific individual who has a positive duty under natural and moral law who does not do it. That may apply to many priests, in general, but it does not apply to Fr. Goring, in this specific case.

elpine flower said...

Agreed DC that Wuerl may be a specific case .But that "specific case" was deemed by the PA GJ to have covered up and transferred credible accused and admitted clerical sodomite pederasts.
As for Sins of Omission, Voris had a few good comments in this video.
So much of it falls under the "Heresy of Modernism" , that it is justifiable to assume many if not most priests themselves are clueless they have been infected by it.

Michael Dowd said...

Father Goring should speak out because it is necessary to reveal the pervading conspiracy of silence, crime and moral turpitude among the clergy. He owes his allegiance to God not his erroneous Bishop. Obedience in this case is an act of cowardice.

elpine flower said...

Mr Dowd , I've followed your comments on blog posts for awhile now
and have appreciated your cut to the chase common sense opinions.

Luminis said...

Maybe he should join the FSSP.

elpine flower said...

Michelle that might be a huge leap from a charismatic novus ordo Order to the TLM.
As I understand it, FSSP priests are also obliged by their Order Superior to publicly support Pope Francis' policies and views.

Michael Dowd said...

Elpine Flower. Thank you and God Bless. said...

About previous comment by "elpine flower", about Fr. Goring jumping ship to the FSSP: "FSSP priests are also obliged by their Order Superior to publicly support Pope Francis' policies and views".

I've had my arguments with our local FSSP (who is otherwise excellent) about how much blind faith in Jorge Mario Bergoglio ("Pope Francis") is required of Catholics:

Loyalty To Satan, Or To The Holy See?

Both our FSSP priests here in Quebec City studiously avoid criticizing Bergoglio, while upholding all Catholic teachings that Bergoglio attacks more or less openly. I pity them, since they are stuck between a rock and a hard place. Our local Bishop is a Protestant desperado, as far as I can tell:



Gene Thomas Gomulka said...

When Church leaders attempted to silence Father Thomas Doyle and me in 2004 for addressing the sex abuse and cover-ups being undertaken by several bishops, we were fortunate to have military pensions to support us when our faculties were withdrawn. Unfortunately, Father Goring does not have such a "net" to save him were he to leave the Order, nor is he able to appeal the "cease and desist|" order he was given because the pope, to whom he would appeal, is guilty of covering up far more sex abuse than Cardinal Wuerl and other prelates whom Father Goring exposed in his YouTube broadcasts. Attorney General Josh Shapiro was 100% correct when he said the corruption stretched "all the way to the Vatican."

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

Captain, Gomulka,

I read your bio and want to thank you for your service. My husband was a civilian working for the military. His last duty was as Deputy Commander of the Marine Corps Systems Command in Quantico. Our son-in-law also served two tours as a Marine so I have a heart for the wonderful men and women in the Corps.

It is a tragedy to see the way good priests have been persecuted and disciplined and sidelined for daring to expose the corruption infecting our beloved church. It's as if the apostles stoned Stephen to death instead of the Pharisees doing the dirty deed.

Thanks for commenting here. I pray that Catholics can continue to see Jesus in His Church despite the wrecking crew in the hierarchy.