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Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Looks Like Nathan Phillips is NO VIETNAM VET!

The Marine Corps was pulling out of Vietnam in 1970 when Phillips was 16. Even if he went into the Corps as an emancipated minor he could not have served in Vietnam, although, according to the article he never claimed to. In view of the fact that every major mainstream media outlet calls him a Vietnam vet, it's hard to give him a pass. There's sure been no attempt on his part to correct the record.

One more "fact" unravelling about this despicable liar. He keeps changing the story. First the kids surrounded him. Well, no, actually he approached them after first approaching a young girl in a pink Trump 2020 and moving on to get the photo he wanted. Somehow a terrified girl wasn't the image he wanted. Then the story went that the kids were harassing the black Hebrews and he needed to protect the four elderly black man by getting between the evil kids and the blacks flinging obscenities at them. What a hero, eh? The kids had actually moved away from the Hebrew hate group and got permission from their chaperones to do school cheers to drown out the despicable obscenities being thrown at them which included insulting a black student saying the whites were going to "harvest his organs."

Chris Plante's WMAL show this morning was interesting. He played several clips. Someone did, in fact, shout "Build the Wall." It was the black Hebrews mocking the kids because of their MAGA hats.

As for Phillips he is, according to Plante a "despicable human being" and a "liar." I sure can't disagree with his assessment! The man continues to try to spin the events to make himself a combination of Martin Luther King and Mother Teresa. It's not working. In fact, he is tainting the indigenous Indian group he claims to represent. Scalping innocent white kids is no way to gain sympathy for your cause. The media continue to let him spout his lies without challenge. But social media is waking up and many of the sources that piled on including that "compassionate" hero of the downtrodden, Fr. James Martin, have removed their tweets and Facebook posts or changed their tune.

Media Research Center (MRC), the watchdog group, pointed out that basically the only media attention to the March for Life attended by hundreds of thousands on Friday was the mega-coverage trashing the Covington High School boys. Hey, what better way to undermine the pro-life message than to "prove" its supporters are Nazis in training who want to exterminate anybody who doesn't look like them. They don't tell you, of course, that abortion targets minorities and Planned Parenthood kills black babies at a rate far above their percentage of the population. Minority genocide, anyone? Well, the media are liars and many of us have experienced it personally, especially those of us who participated in the rescue movement. I don't believe anything coming out of the mainstream media and I'm appalled that the March for Life joined in throwing the kids under the bus. How many won't come back next year, yu think?

The MRC has done a good job of calling out the mainstream media on this. HOLD THE MEDIA ACCOUNTABLE!


Dad29 said...

FWIW, Phillips was in the USMC from 1972-76, serving in Omaha, NE, as a refrigerator mechanic. After 4 years, he was discharged as an E-2 (private.)

That is not a good record of service.

Smallest Sparrow said...

Four years, E-2, only dec was for marksmanship. For anyone who’s ever served, that says it all about this “man’s” worth. All the times he went AWOL might have played a role....