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Monday, January 14, 2019

Archbishop Vigano Pens "Open Letter" to Theodore McCarrick!

Archbishop Viganò urges McCarrick to publicly repent in new open letter (FULL TEXT)

Archbishop Vigano has been held up as an icon for his exposure of the homosexual network in the Church, and I'm grateful for everything he has done. But I'm also concerned that people will believe that McCarrick's exposure will bring us to the end of a sad chapter in Church history?

Will it?

Or is the Vigano affair an on-going soap opera and a cynical attempt to convince Catholic laity that the problem is being seriously addressed and solved.

If the Vatican throws one evil prelate under the bus (McCarrick) or even a few more (Wuerl, Tobin, Farrell, and Cupich) will that really be a cleansing of the Augean Stables? Or will it be the prologue to one more cover-up of the "deep-Church" homosexual network? How many generations of homosexual predators have been or still reside in "deep Church" sucking the life-blood from the faith?

Corruption and pederasty have infected the Church for millennia and the systematic bureaucratization of evil in the U.S. Church goes back at least a century. The recent revelations by Archbishop Vigano don't go far enough according to Randy Engel, a stalwart defender of the Church and an icon in the pro-life movement.

Randy is one of my heroes. She almost single-handedly deep-sixed the nomination of abortionist Henry Foster as Surgeon General by President Bill Clinton. Randy provides enlightening background to today's sex-abuse crisis and points out the long history pre-dating the Vigano narrative.

Randy's 4-part series relating to Archbishop Vigano's "bombshells," which continue to explode periodically, needs to be taken seriously. Her extensive research should be read and prayed over. We are in a crisis every bit as serious as the Arian heresy. The heretics control the Church and they scandalize (and rob) the faithful with apparent impunity. It's high time we fought back and the fight begins with knowing the enemy, all the enemy!

It's important for Catholics to understand that gays often hide behind "orthodox" appearances and statements. Certainly Archbishop John Nienstedt illustrates that graphically. The man wore the mask of orthodoxy even publicly condemning same-sex "marriage" while he engaged in immoral behavior and cover-ups. What happened in Minnesota involved many enabling clerics, past and present, besides Nienstedt. Randy's series below is eye-opening and so is the report of what was going on in Minnesota, not only under Nienstedt, but his predecessors.  By the way, according to the Napa Institute where Archbishop Nienstedt went after leaving Minnesota (but has now resigned) there are no restrictions on his ministry. There should be!

Part I: The Strange Case of Archbishop Nienstedt


Chriss Rainey said...

God bless Randy Engel. I feel some times I am in the middle of a giant sandstorm and I am blinded by the grains nearest me, causing me pain, and preventing me from seeing the size and scope of the storm as a whole.

As Randy points out, homosexuality is not a new problem. It has been a primary plague in the Church for more than 1000 years.

What I wonder is why can't we ever erradicate it once and for all? How long must the Church suffer from this disease before it understands the cure is excommunication. Period. Be gone!

elpine flower said...

Indeed Chris,
Why did Vigano shield Ninestedt who was credibly accused as Randy made clear in her series on Vigano? Even Voris , who praised Vigano, had to admit there were errors in his timeline testimonials.
There appears to be a public relations agenda going on behind the scenes ,especially with this latest "call for repentance." But WHOSE agenda is the question that must be researched further.
How many other Princes and Bishops have need for a public call of repentance?
If you believe the part of the Third Secret of Fatima that the Vatican released, even the Pope has been mightily called to Penance and repentance.

elpine flower said...

I noticed that even Frank Walker is asking the question as to why Vigano chose a public letter of repentance for McCarrick rather than a private letter of admonition?
There is a long list Vigano knows about that he could have addressed his public letter to.