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Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Ready to Start a Fire Storm?

I’m ready to start a fire storm.  Are you?  In his sermon yesterday at St. Catherine’s of Siena in Great Falls, VA, Pastor Jerry Pokorsky said it’s time to put away our Christmas decorations and it is also time for us to realize the outward appearance of our Catholic faith is too often only just that, decoration.  The very vestments he wears, he said, are only ornamentation, and it is what’s underneath that really matters.  He said we must stop hiding behind the ornaments and start to be true defenders of our faith.

Fr. Pokorsky stated that his goal this year is to not just “look Catholic” but to be Catholic at all costs.  This may require us to speak up without hesitation and to act when it would be far more convenient to just walk away from an argument or debate, or a gay wedding, or a neighborhood barbeque hosted by our cohabitating “friends.”   

As we have seen recently, Fr. Mark Goring took that step of being more than Catholic in name only and was smacked down with great force by his superiors.  If you think less will happen to you if you begin to speak in a clear voice your own moral beliefs, think again.  2019 for a lot of reasons seems to me to be starting off with a roar and I don’t expect it to get calmer anytime soon. 
A scene only Satan could love
So grab your armor and reach for your sword otherwise, you will be a Catholic but your faith will be only ornamental.  Fr. Harden said this:
We can do nothing that is pleasing to God without throwing the world into confusion and creating turmoil in hell.”
Let that sink in for a minute.  If you are keeping his commandments, you are no doubt pleasing God.  And if you are practicing your faith in prayer and by attending mass, saying a blessing before a meal and making the sign of the cross before you eat in a restaurant, you are probably throwing the world into confusion, because they can’t understand why you would bother to do such things at the same time the crisis of over population and global warming are in need of your devotion.
However, the most important thing to realize is this fact.  When we take up the cross we are at war with evil and hell is turned upside down.   Of all the resolutions you may have made for this year, creating turmoil in hell needs to be at the top of the list.  


Sweat said...

So, in other words, we have to "Make a Mess", as a certain famous person dressed in white, and living in Rome, has counseled us to do over the years!

now or never said...

Father is so right. I have always never been afraid to let anyone know that I am a Catholic. I want to be a visible sign for others to see the light of Christ in all that I do. I have been so blessed to have married my high school sweetheart, who also believes as I do. If not us, then who will show the world the truth?

Chriss Rainey said...

Dear Sweat,

A "mess" as Bergoglio puts it is to create confusion. What Fr. Pokorsky and Fr. Harden have in mind is speaking so clearly and without hesitation eternal unequivocal truth.