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Thursday, January 24, 2019

Fr. Beck's Rebuke of Covington Kids Exhibits Typical Francis Leftist Lies

Fr. Edward Beck, regular contributor on CNN, who daily makes a fool of himself and baffles faithful Catholics everywhere. weighed in on the story about the Catholic kids from Kentucky who were verbally assaulted and harassed by out of control adults.  
The last person I'd want giving me
advice on Christianity, Fr. Edward
I contend that Fr. Beck left the Church a long time ago, but he hangs around in a collar spewing to any liberal he can get to listen the gospel of the new Church of Nice.  This is not just a made up term.  It is very real and a necessary institution to get all (in their dreams) Catholics on board with total indifferentism toward any and all religions including “none of the above,” if that's what you prefer.  No real shepherd would say the things he does.  
Beck received attention this past week with his outrageous comments on national news about the boys from Covington Catholic High School.  Rush Limbaugh, a non-Catholic, was the only one I know who has so far called him out.  It’s been CRICKETS from the bishops, who acted very differently toward Fr. Mark Goring, yanking him faster than you can blink off the internet. 
This is what Fr. Beck had to say: 
“The students acted inappropriately. I was raised at a time when we were taught respect your elders. With regard the hats, the hats that they were wearing — the so-called MAGA hats or “Make America Great Again” hats — come with a certain political agenda that, in my opinion, can be seen as anti-Catholic, anti-Christian, ’cause abortion is not the only pro-life issue. What about immigration and the migrants? What about capital punishment? What about the environment and climate change? And so by wearing that hat, it’s saying that you’re aligning yourself with a political agenda. The students had no right to be wearing that hat. Wear a school hat.
Where to start?  Sigh………….
Steps of the Lincoln Memorial, a gathering
space for people that is well know to all
To begin with, the kids did act appropriately.  They were at the place they were told to be and at the time they were expected to be there.  The choice of location was not their own.  They were obedient and did as they were instructed.  The kids were chaperoned and they did nothing without the permission of their adult advisors. 
Yes, and regard to “the hats,” Father, they ARE political, but you couldn’t be more wrong in your assessment that they are “anti-Catholic, anti-Christian.  It is the duty of all lay Catholics to use their voices in the public arena to insure the government of society reflects the teaching of the Church to the greatest extent possible.  ONE candidate in the 2016 election did that and it was NOT Hillary Clinton.  
Whatever that means.  Maybe we had to elect her 
to find out.  
As for your “[be]’cause abortion is not the only pro-life issue,” you may be right.  We want the protection of those declared brain dead by doctors salivating to harvest their organs.  We want the elderly in fragile stages of life honored and cared for until their natural death.  However, your concept that immigration is a life issue is poppycock.  As for the death penalty, the long standing confidence of the Church in secular rulers to manage the existence of the worst of the worst criminals needs no explanation.  To suggest otherwise, Francis or anyone else, has not accepted the fact that some behavior is “non-negotiable.”  If ANYTHING you do can find even the slimmest level of acceptance the list of what goes in that category is given an opportunity to grow and fester like a deadly bacteria and society loses its last hope for protection against what is truly evil in its midst. 
That you would suggest that “climate change” which has in fact occurred since the world began has ANYTHING to do with life is laughable.  It tells me you care more about “mother earth” than you do the unborn.  You care more about “sustaining” natural resources that you know no more about than I know about the dark side of the moon.  Since when are you an expert in what lies beneath the surface of the earth?  Many real experts believe the supply of all we need is endless.  I don’t need your booga boo scare tactics to teach me how I should live.  I refuse to get into that rail car with the expectation of being carried to a “better life.”
As for what is and isn’t the “right” of those school kids, who are you to say what any American has the RIGHT to do?  Perhaps you would have been happy if they had been wearing one that said “Hope and Change” and all that liberal leftist slogan brings to mind.  Hope of a borderless world?  Hope of an America that holds no strength greater than the worst dictatorships in the world?  Hope that history will never be taught to our children?  Hope that sexual disorder and debauchery will become the norm?  And change that destroys the capitalist spirit in this country that has improved the lives of millions? 
You, Fr. Beck, are not the hat police, nor are you a true spokesman for the Church.  You are a wolf in sheep’s clothing.


Catechist Kev said...

Bp. John Stowe (Lexington) echoes Fr. Beck's... um, "well informed"(?) - uhpinion.

elpine flower said...

Gee and I thought "Crux" was Catholic.....silly me.

elpine flower said...

Gee...... I also thought Huff Post was a pro LGBT liberal secular media outlet.

‘Tell Rush Limbaugh: We Support Pope Francis!’ Catholic Petition Demands An Apology

(sarc)..No wonder people are confused !

Dan said...

I have no more respect left for these "women" priests and bishops.... these kids bought the hats as souvenirs of their trip to the capitol!

Does no one have any manliness left?

But when I realize how many DECADES have gone by while innocent priests have kept quiet while their priest house mate carried on with young boys... I guess not...

Praypraypray said...

Pathetic! Where’s the mercy? ...Supposedly grown men ...Catholic clergy, attacking young Catholic school students to win political points...! How EVIL! Talk about wolves in sheep’s clothing... or rather, wolves in shepherds’ clothing...!!! Father Rutler wrote an article a while ago concerning some other clergy and I really liked his quote. He said, “Worse than wolves in sheep’s clothing are wolves in shepherds’ clothing.”
Can you imagine the spiritual damage that those clergy can do to those Catholic school students? Hopefully, their parents will explain to the students that those political persons in clergy garb are not acting as true shepherds, but they’re speaking like wolves in shepherds’ clothing.
I read on one site that Bishop Stowe made his remarks condemning the Catholic school students AFTER the full video was out showing that the students were completely innocent and the activists were cursing/using profanity and basically picking on the students and trying to stir up trouble. In fact, the next day, those same rabble rousers were trying to interrupt the Mass.
I pray that God rids the Catholic Church and America and our world of all of the wolves and sneaky snakes, especially those in high places. Actually, I hate disparaging actual wolves and snakes, who do not commit mortal sins and do not use the young as political pawns.
God bless those students. They had more integrity and composure in the face of evil than most so-called adults. Heaven help the young people of today. God bless America.

Adrienne said...

This is the first time I've ever seen this poofter priest. Embarrassing...

Susan Matthiesen said...

I have met Fr (I cringe when I have to call him "Father") Edward Beck and have seen him in action at a Mass. He is evil (yes, I said that - gasp) and is good friends with the most evil priest in the Diocese of Orlando.

Have we all forgotten Fr Beck's book cover with the silhouette of a naked woman with prominent nipples?