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Friday, January 4, 2019

When insanity takes over a culture, civility goes right out the window.

You better not use the wrong pronoun or the wrong "gender identity" for these folks or get ready for verbal and even physical violence. Would you trust this person with a gun? Clearly he is a danger to both himself and others.

And buying into this nuttiness is endangering others big time. Check out this story about the transgender "woman", a rapist, who was remanded to the women's prison and sexually assaulted four real women before being removed to the men's prison. Excuse me...putting a RAPIST ("Karen" White), in jail with women? And you don't think he'll sexually assault them? What kind of looniness is this? I hope those assaulted women sue. They have a right to be protected while incarcerated, not made victims of a jailhouse rapist thug pretending to be a woman so he can abuse more women.

Yup, I'm a woman (wink-wink). Can't wait to share a cellblock with the girls!
Yup, insanity in the culture threatens us all! And this particular "gender thing" insanity is diabolical.

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