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Friday, January 4, 2019

Tucker Carlson Defends the Family and Calls for Economic Reform! Put Families First!

Tucker's monologue on his first night back from vacation January 2nd was something we should be hearing from our American bishops. If you want to reform America, he said, put families first. Market capitalism isn't a religion; it's a tool. And when that tool contributes to the destruction of the American family, it's become a wrecking ball. Watch for yourself.

Tucker was brilliant and on target. The ruling elites couldn't care less about America's families. Corporate America cares more about their shareholders than their children. The elites often pay a lower percentage of their income than struggling middle class families and they couldn't care less what happens as long as their piece of pie gets bigger.

The family is the bedrock of any culture. Many in our ruling class have thrown that concept out the window. They've turned workers into wage slaves and one way to guarantee that continues is to have our kids graduate carrying an impossible college debt on their backs. They don't care a hoot about marriage and family; they only care about money, power, prestige, and political correctness. Does anyone think billionaire Nancy Pelosi cares about middle class families who are losing their jobs to illegals willing to work under the table for half what American workers are paid?

Watch Tucker's monologue and ignore the criticism he's getting in the liberal press. This is a man who cares about the family and the foundations that made this country great. There aren't many like him in the media. Pray for him. And for a big helping of his common sense, read his excellent book, Ship of Fools.

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