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Thursday, January 3, 2019

Say NO! Loud and Clear to Cardinal Donald Wuerl's Participation in the Youth Event for the March for Life

Update: January 5, 2019. This video disappeared yesterday or the day before. I suspect Fr. Goring was instructed to take it down and complied out of obedience, although I haven't seen any statement from him. It's important for us to pray for this courageous young priest. We've seen what the corrupt bishops do to those who stand up boldly for the truth. Fr. Goring needs to be surrounded with prayer. Our Lady, Queen of the Clergy, pray for him and for your poor flock of battered sheep.

Below, find a list of those who need to hear about the necessity to remove Cardinal Wuerl from public ministry, particularly as a voice to youth.

It is disgraceful that a man who did nothing to protect the vulnerable lambs should stand before them during the March for Life pretending to care about the littlest lambs in the womb and the young people gathering to call for their protection.

If Wuerl is allowed to be voice to the young, it will be shocking act of hypocrisy! Please take the time to express your concern and call for someone more fitting to stand before the youth at the Archdiocesan Mass for Life on January 18th. I nominate Msgr. Charles Pope as an appropriate voice or one of the other good priests in the Archdiocese of Washington, D. C. like Msgr. Edward Filardi.

Please write or call and respectfully object to Cardinal Wuerl participating in any event that involves children or youth. His cavalier and disgraceful cover up of abuse disqualifies him from any involvement in these events. 

If you doubt that Wuerl deserves this criticism, read about his extensive involvement in covering for pederast priests at Cardinal Cover-up: the Disgraceful and Perpetually Deceitful Cardinal Wuerl. Wuerl not only covered up and moved around abusive priests, but he promoted the homo agenda with support for the gay advocacy group Dignity USA which has been at the forefront of normalizing sodomy and same-sex marriage. 

It's time for the Church Militant to demand the removal of Cardinal Wuerl from public ministry.

Send your concerns to the following:

Mary Forr Director Department of Life Issues Archdiocese of Washington 301-853-5318 Ed McFadden Secretary for Communications (301) 853-4516 Archbishop Christophe Pierre Apostolic Nuncio 202-333-7121 monsignor charles antonicelli Moderator of the Curia (301) 853-4516 Also EWTN is considering broadcasting the event. They should not be giving Wuerl that level of credibility. Please request that they refuse to broadcast any event with Wuerl.
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  1. Honestly it should be a March for humanae vitae.

    It seems that the sex abuse crisis will abate only when priests start teaching the truth and meaning of human sexuality from the pulpit. And yet those who do are frequently reprimanded and even punished after some useful idiot complains to the bishop. This cycle needs to stop. The bishop should in fact be mandating the preaching of humanae vitae from the pulpit.

    What if march for lifers actually picketed usccb headquarters instead of scotus/congress. Arguably the preaching failure has been more evil than roe v wade itself. The law is a teacher but the preacher even more so.

    If the homosex priests reformed how would we know it? Probably by their homilies.

    And then the 50 million abortive women and their 50 million partners could come to confession, instead of shrieking in pink hat rage.

  2. Thanks for putting it so succinctly and accurately. I just read a statistic that, worldwide, there were 42 million abortions in 2018 alone. Can you imagine how many babies have been murdered since Margaret Sanger first came on the scene with her hedonistic movement? The number of babies killed in 2019 is already over 200,000. God help us. We deserve the Sodom and Gomorrah treatment!