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Friday, January 25, 2019

Pending Lawsuits against Media: GOOD! Let's pray for Justice for the Covington Boys!

Nicholas Sandmann's Family Makes Major Move Against Media After Being Smeared

The kids are getting death threats and suspicious packages are being delivered to the diocese and the school. Investigators are looking into felony charges for those tweeting and Facebooking violent threats. It's called "terroristic threatening" and law enforcement is taking it seriously. 

Is the mainstream media covering that? No, they're too busy looking for new ways to smear the boys and their school like finding a former student arrested for rape. Guilt by association is the new strategy. So we are now hearing about anything they can find in the past to prove that Covington Catholic High is racist and breeds white privileged monsters. Most of those making the accusations are among the most privilege in the country. Irony, anyone?

It's time for justice for the Covington boys. The bigotry against these youngsters for being mostly white, Catholic, and daring to exercise their free speech rights by wearing MAGA hats is sickening. Let the lawsuits begin!

And note that Bishop Foys, who was so quick to condemn the kids without a hearing, has now told them not to talk to the media. Hey, accusing them was fine; defending themselves is verboten. 

Well, the parents are under no such gag. If one of those kids were my son, I'd have plenty to say and would be using a megaphone outside the bishops's chancery and residence every chance I got. Oh and I'd first call the media so they could get it all on record to add to the media frenzy. They hate the Church so they would love it! This is what are spineless bishops have done in creating division not only in the country with their climate change/immigration idiocy, but in the Church. No wonder so many saints said the floor of hell is littered with bishops' miters.

And by the way, just in case you haven't noticed -- while the media are searching out unrelated charges against former Covington students to add to the smear, I haven't seen any of them report on Nathan Phillips' criminal background. In fact,  the few out there I have seen claim his criminal record is "irrelevant" and unrelated. Funny, eh, the behavior of students who graduated long before these kids started doesn't seem to be "irrelevant." 

Well, hey, Nathan Phillips was a minor (like Nick Sandmann) when he committed violent assault. And no doubt he wasn't smirking when he did it. So his: drunk driving, driving without a license, escaping from a penal institution, committing assault.... It's all irrelevant. Boys will be boys after all -- if they're the liberal darlings of the left. If they're wearing MAGA hats, well...all bets are off.

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